Crosaire No 15027 by Crossheir – Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sun, Mar 3, 2013, 23:55



1 Woman (LADY) from Bracken (Bracken = BRACKNE-) has lines (-LL) (LADY BRACKNELL) in Wilde play (LADY BRACKNELL is in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest),

10 Holding case for Woodstock (ANDIRON holds wood/logs stock in place), not to mention (AND-) press (press – IRON) (ANDIRON),

11 Ban (ban = BAR-) is (-IS-) small thanks (-TA) (BARISTA) to person in coffee shop (BARISTA),

12 Return positive vote (ay = YA-) against worst result (no grade = -NG) (YANG) in Chinese philosophy (YANG),

13 Forbidden in garden (forbidden fruit in Garden of Eden = APPLE) work station perhaps (APPLE computer/laptop),

15 Awful (UGLY) crazy guy (guy = UG-Y) about fifty (-L-) (UGLY),

17 At end of week (SAT) holy man (S-T) hides note (music note A = -A-) (SAT),

19 It’s a test (a FEELER) of iron (FE-) going to the Spanish (the = -EL-) in hospital (-ER) (FEELER),

21 Untangles (RAVELS) bolero? (Ravel’s Boléro = RAVELS),

22 To benefit from property tax (the COUNCIL benefits from property tax) every town should have one (a town COUNCIL),

23 Likely to happen (EXPECT to happen) in former (EX-) exercise (-PE-) scan (CT scan = -CT) (EXPECT),

25 Cry in Tokyo (Japanese battle cry = BANZAI) at bar (bar = BAN-) with last letter (-Z-) that’s first class (-AI) (BANZAI),

27 Peculiar sort (RUM) found in off-licence (RUM),

29 Satisfy (SATE) 17 across (= SAT-) with note (music note E = -E) (SATE),

30 Artist (R-A-) admits the Spanish (the = -EL-) at end of July (end of July = -Y) (RELAY) pass the baton (RELAY race),

31 Crop (crop = CORP) rotation is of little concern (a concern = business/corporation = CORP),

34 Broken antlers (antlers = RENTALS) loaned out to holidaymakers at Christmas perhaps (RENTALS),

35 Person saying it’s you (ACCUSER) is bank (ACC-) client (-USER) (ACCUSER),

36 She’s to marry Sir (woman marrying Sir becomes a Lady but beforehand she’s a LADY IN WAITING) in royal household (a LADY-IN-WAITING is part of a royal household).


2 Article (AN-) on hell-writer (Dante wrote Divine Comedy about hell = -DANTE) (ANDANTE) hasn’t got a fast tempo (ANDANTE),

3 Start of 12 across (= yang = YA-) gets right (-R-) name (-N) (YARN) for story (YARN)

4 Spun (spun = NUPS) back to revolutionary old city (UR = RU) (RUN-UPS) for getting over jumps (RUN-UPS)

5 Magnetic Metal (COBALT) firm (CO-) gets scholar (-BA-) to deputise (a deputy/substitute = lieutenant = -LT) (COBALT),

6 No (NO-) resident magistrate (Resident Magistrate = -RM) (NORM) is standard (NORM),

7 American city (LA-) wise guy (-SAG-E) covers Nat (-N-) (LASAGNE) for dinner in Italian restaurant (LASAGNE),

8 Always out to lunch (LADY OF LEISURE) as free to be one’s own woman (LADY OF LEISURE),

9 Glassware perhaps that doesn’t suit ugly sister (LADY’S glass SLIPPERS were Cinderella’s not the ugly sister{s}) (LADY’S SLIPPERS) with orchids (orchids = LADY’S SLIPPERS),

14 It hurts (PAINFUL) father (PA-) at home (-IN-) to find you (-U-) in Florida (-F-L) (PAINFUL),

16 Medium (M-) to turn church (Church of England = CE = EC) account (ac = -CA) back (MECCA) for pilgrimage destination (MECCA),

18 Young man (-LAD) from African country (SA-) (SALAD) is a bit green (SALAD),

20 Italians leave rationalist (‘rationalist’ without ‘Italians’ = rot  = ROT) in corruption (ROT),

21 First lady gets it on birthday (God made first lady/Eve from Adam’s rib) for river trip (small boat = RIB),

24 Exercise (PE-) dolphin friendly fish (-TUN-A) around one (-I-) (PETUNIA) nightshade in garden (PETUNIA is from the ‘nightshade’ family of flowers),

26 Photographer does it (ZOOMS IN) with animal sanctuary (ZOO-) manuscript (-MS) at home (IN) (ZOOMS IN),

27 Grounds for (REASON) reading (R-) to bookseller? (-EASON) (REASON),

28 Frenchman (Monsieur = M-) to fall behind (-LAG-) in group fighting drink (-A-A) (MALAGA) in Spain (MALAGA),

32 Belarus (BY) hides sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB) (BABY) with little personality (BABY),

33 Found in Aberdeen (SCOT) away (a) from racecourse (Ascot) (‘ascot’ without ‘a’ = scot = SCOT).