Crosaire No 15026 by Crossheir – Friday, March 1, 2013

Fri, Mar 1, 2013, 23:55



1 Trigger (SET OFF) played in 14 across (= mixed doubles in tennis play a SET) with switch (OFF switch) (SET OFF),

4 God (ABOVE ALL) in heaven (ABOVE ALL)?,

9 Gangster (Al Capone = AL-) didn’t tell the truth (-LIED) (ALLIED) in partnership (ALLIED),

10 Sounds like relative (“aunty” = “anti” = ANTI-) is brave person (-HERO) (ANTIHERO) with protagonist taking unusual lead (ANTIHERO),

12 Stand in the way of (INTERFERE) setting free (free = -FERE) after old exam  (INTER-) (INTERFERE),

13 It’ll come out (EXUDE) it’s due (due = E-UD-) back over wrong (-X-) direction (compass direction East = -E) (EXUDE),

14 Swingers (wife and husband swap partners = MIXED DOUBLES) in court proceedings? (MIXED DOUBLES play on tennis courts),

18 Sounds like it’s an implement used by Bedouin (Bedouin = nomadic Arab in “desert” = “dessert” = DESSERTSPOON) for good measure (DESSERTSPOON can be used as a measure),

21 Sounds like fruit (“plum” = “plumb” = PLUMB) to explore (explore/plumb the depths of = PLUMB),

22 It’s about (RE-) what ran (-RAN-) into broken tent (tent = -ENT-T) (REENTRANT) with one coming back in (REENTRANT),

24 Gregarious (OUTGOING) Government after election possibly (OUTGOING Government),

25 Lesley (LES-) returns number one (No 1 = noi = -ION) (LESION) with abrasion (LESION),

26 Put your foot down on them (press down on TREADLES to activate machines) by square (T-square = T-) to study (study = -READ-) the French (the = -LES) (TREADLES),

27 Rebel leader (leader of rebel = -R-) in article (TH-E-) at (-AT) (THREAT) risk (THREAT).


1 Grounds (grounds = STADIUMS) for fighting? (STADIUMS),

2 Old communication (telex = TELE-X-) takes in Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE-) with model (Model T = -T) (TELETEXT) for services on television (TELETEXT),

3 Father (FR-) at ease (Es = -EE-) by river (-R) (FREER) less inhibited (FREER),

5 Inferno (BURNER) after French article (-UN-) aboard Ben’s (Bens = B-SEN) fantastic (BUNSEN BURNER) gas regulator in college (BUNSEN BURNER),

6 Sound out perhaps (sound out = VOICELESS) expression (VOICE-) to the French (the = -LE-) by boat (-SS) (VOICELESS),

7 Means of approach (AVENUE) to article (A-) on Cork Opera House for one (-VENUE) (AVENUE),

8 Release (LOOSEN) name (-N) behind general interpretation perhaps (LOOSE-) (LOOSEN),

11 It’s about (RE-) Scots (-MONS-) with dream (-TRANCE) (REMONSTRANCE) for forceful reproachful protest (REMONSTRANCE),

15 Picasso in Guernica perhaps (DREW BLOOD) pulled a gun (DREW) on family (BLOOD) (DREW BLOOD),

16 Attest to (NOTARISE) pay cut? (pay cut = not a rise = NOTARISE),

17 Up north (NI = IN-), stint (-STIN-T) around college (-C-) (INSTINCT) comes naturally (INSTINCT),

19 Not doing it (OPT OUT) in operation (OP-) close to illegal ticket-seller (illegal ticket-seller = tout = -T OUT) (OPT OUT),

20 Transport (BUS-) missing it (it) in title (title) (‘title’ missing ‘it’ = tle = -TLE) (BUSTLE) in Rush (rush = BUSTLE),

23 They cut up food (TEETH) for alien (ET = TE-) returning to the (the = ETH) confusion (TEETH).