Crosaire No 15025 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thu, Feb 28, 2013, 23:55



8 Silly person (loon = LO-ON) admits backing it (it = -TI-) (LOTION) for cream (LOTION),

9 Parks Department possess (OWN) frameworks (goal posts in park = GOALS) (OWN GOALS) to shoot oneself repeatedly in the foot (OWN GOALS),

10 Does (does = ODES) adapt what’s said in poems (ODES),

11 Not difficult (EASY) existing (LIVING) (EASY LIVING) for the good life perhaps (EASY LIVING),

12 Theologian (D-D) admits returning name (name = -EMAN-) (DEMAND) by request (DEMAND),

14 Walk by (STROLL ON) offspring (son = S- ON) ringing mythical giant (-TROLL) (STROLL ON),

15 Thatching perhaps (COTTAGE INDUSTRY) with small bit of work at home (small home business = COTTAGE INDUSTRY),

18 Trojan worker perhaps (ACHILLES) at sea (sea = A-ES) comes back over hundred (-C-) on hill (-HILL-) (ACHILLES),

20 Rocky (UNEVEN) with peacekeeper (United Nations – UN-) and first lady (-EVE-) get the point (compass point North = -N) (UNEVEN),

22 Clip (smack = SMA-CK) covers right (-R-) story (-TALE-) (SMART ALECK) of irritating person (SMART ALECK),

24 Fly (SOAR) to point (compass point South = S-) for paddle (paddle = -OAR) (SOAR),

25 Pigs look down on them (TROTTERS) having unkind person (-ROTTER-) in flipping street (St = T-S) (TROTTERS),

26 Right (R-) to be work-shy (idle = -ID-LE) over head of department (head of department = -D-) (RIDDLE) with enigma (RIDDLE).


1 It’s not difficult (it’s a DODDLE) being odd (-ODD-) in Donegal  (D-L-) with sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E) (DODDLE),

2 Fail to see (MISS) is (-IS-) in script (M-S) (MISS),

3 Peacekeeper (UN-) with the German (the = -DER-) pup (-DOG-) (UNDERDOG) is unlikely to win (UNDERDOG),

4 It beats (TOPS) name of 3 down (name of dog = Spot = tops) coming back (TOPS),

5 Rental (rental = ANTLER) arrangement for horn (ANTLER),

6 Recover (CONVALESCE) disadvantage (CON-) to valleys (valleys = -VALES-) near Clare (-CE) (CONVALESCE),

7 Group of families (CLAN-) get green light (-GO-) to approach old city (-UR) (CLANGOUR) with resounding racket (CLANGOUR),

13 Tasteless clothes (tat = AT T-) ripped for her companion (‘her’ companion = -HIS) and judge (RATE) (AT THIS RATE), should things continue as they are (AT THIS RATE),

14 Sketches (sketches = SKITS) of tools of the trade (-KIT-) in ship (S-S) (SKITS),

16 One time (ONCE) Rome (Rome = MORE) agitated (ONCE MORE) for encore (ONCE MORE),

17 Under the influence (DRUNK-), artist (RA = -AR-) returns to director (-D) (DRUNKARD) with sort not used to being sober (DRUNKARD),

19 Divulged (LEAKED) guide (lead = LEA-D) covering Kildare (-KE-) (LEAKED),

21 Give the means to (ENABLE) take rod from bandoleer (‘bandoleer’ without ‘rod’ = banlee = ENABLE),

23 Alien (E-T) swallows as (-AS-) (EAST) to get its due perhaps (its due = it’s due EAST perhaps),

24 Found in bath (SUDS) and local bar (beer = SUDS).