Crosaire No 15024 by Crossheir – Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wed, Feb 27, 2013, 23:55



1 At home (IN-) by Dublin seaside (-RUSH) (INRUSH) with Flood (flood = INRUSH),

4 Irish love (-GRA-) Irish king (-RI-) in teetotaller group (A-A-) to name (-N) (AGRARIAN) something to do with the land (AGRARIAN),

9 Bill (TAB-) finds term in court (term for ball hitting net in tennis court = let = -LET) (TABLET) is cure for headache (TABLET),

10 Audience can’t see (OFFSTAGE) absent (OFF-) holy man (-ST-) with seniority (-AGE) (OFFSTAGE),

12 Comes out at sunset (AFTERGLOW) following (AFTER-) legend (end of leg = G-) close to the ground (-LOW) (AFTERGLOW),

13 Ellis leaves ice lollies (‘ice lollies’ without ‘ellis’ = icelo = E COLI) with bad bacteria (E COLI),

14 They hold everything together (ELASTIC BANDS) in flexible (ELASTIC) groups (BANDS) (ELASTIC BANDS),

18 Christmas dinner (GOOSE can be Christmas dinner) at Mark’s (marks = PIMPLES) (GOOSE PIMPLES) makes hair stand on back of neck (GOOSE PIMPLES),

21 Laugh (HA-) at it (-IT-) with first person (-I) (HAITI) in Caribbean (HAITI is in Caribbean),

22 Getting active (active) without cold (c) (‘active’ without ‘c’ = ative = -ATIVE) behind outdoor home (TENT-) (TENTATIVE) is not certain (TENTATIVE),

24 Insinuated (IMPLICIT) it’s not forbidden (-LICIT) behind devil (IMP-) (IMPLICIT),

25 Run about (runabout = -CAR-) in shirtless training top (bib = BI-B) (BICARB) helps the stomach shortly (said to help stomach is just one area where sodium bicarbonate /baking soda is used = BICARB),

26 Teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs perhaps (PEDAGOGY) to exercise (PE-) a doggy (a doggy = -DAGOGY) by arrangement (PEDAGOGY),

27 Between two points (COL-), doesn’t tell the truth (-LIE) COLLIE) to associate of shepherd (COLLIE works with a shepherd).


1 Up north (NI = IN-), natter (natter = -TRANET) loosely (INTRANET) in connection to work colleagues (INTRANET = local connection in work),

2 Contradiction (REBUTTAL) is about (RE-) old Irish leader (Isaac BUTT = old Irish leader = -BUTT-) with gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (REBUTTAL),

3 Give one’s word (SWEAR) God damn it! (SWEAR),

5 Christmas art (GIFT WRAPPING) for the present (GIFT WRAPPING),

6 A (A-) name for man (mister) missing one (i) (‘mister’ without ‘i’ = mster = -MSTER-) barrier (-DAM) (AMSTERDAM) in Holland (AMSTERDAM),

7 Dead to the world (IN A BOX) at home (IN) with a (A) case (case = BOX) (IN A BOX),

8 Can’t get through (NO EXIT) to 7 down (dead to the world in a box = NO EXIT) perhaps

11 It’s where one eats dinner (PLACE SETTING) with Spot (spot = PLACE) on location (SETTING) (PLACE SETTING),

15 Twin (TWO-) controlling delivery of joke (-TIMING) (TWO-TIMING) is cheating (TWO-TIMING),

16 On the whole (ALL IN ALL), everyone (ALL) with Niall (Niall = IN ALL) in chaos (ALL IN ALL),

17 Come together (ASSEMBLE) for instruction from Ikea perhaps? (ASSEMBLE),

19 Small fry (SHRIMP) call for silence (SH-) on border (-RIM-) with park (-P) (SHRIMP),

20 It’s crystal clear (LIMPID) – walk unevenly (LIMP-) with papers (-ID papers) (LIMPID),

23 Before noon (AM-) yours truly (-I-) gets green light (-GO) (AMIGO) for friend in Barcelona (AMIGO).