Crosaire No 15023 by Crossheir – Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tue, Feb 26, 2013, 23:55



8 Dated December (December = the last month = ULTIMO, which is a dated/old word) and last month (last month = ULTIMO),

9 Spokesperson (VOICE) on soap (on ‘soap’ is BOX = soapbox) (VOICE BOX) is a bit of a mouth perhaps (VOICE BOX),

10 Figurehead (head of figure = F-) careless (-LAX) (FLAX) with source of linen (FLAX),

11 Hopes for spring? (hopes/wishes for spring = spring wisher = WELL-WISHER) Quite possibly (WELL-), it’s desire (-WISH-) with short hesitation (-ER) (WELL-WISHER),

12 Sum paid (AMOUNT) for Shergar? (the horse Shergar = a mount = AMOUNT),

14 At home (IN-), Edward (-T-ED) hides death (-END-) (INTENDED) of fiancée (INTENDED),

15 Irish Catholic Church (CHURCH OF IRELAND “is both Protestant and Catholic. Some are called Protestant or Reformed Catholics. Among them are members of the Church of Ireland and the other Churches of the Anglican Communion”) preaches to Anglicans here? (CHURCH OF IRELAND),

18 Hand washer (Pontius Pilate = PILA-TE-) admits Pole (south pole = S) right (-R) (PILASTER) in column (PILASTER),

20 Silly (silly = I-YLLS) playing tricks about director (-D-) (IDYLLS) in Garden of Eden and God’s country (‘Garden of Eden’ and ‘God’s country’ = IDYLLS),

22 It’s obvious (CLEAR AS DAY) to give permission (to CLEAR it) to a (A) voice (to voice = to say = -S -AY) around department (D-) (CLEAR AS DAY),

24 Liars leave cavaliers (‘cavaliers’ without ‘liars’ = cave = CAVE) in grotto (CAVE),

25 Will we get a receipt? Will we … (short joke/witty remark = ONE-LINER) It’s a joke (ONE-LINER),

26 Sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB-) not on time (-LATE) (ABLATE) to remove snow by melting (ABLATE).


1 Small (small = SLAL-M) deviation admitting Oscar (-O-) (SLALOM) for race downhill (SLALOM),

2 Dynasty (JIN-) cross (-X) (JINX) with spell of bad luck (JINX),

3 Free on board (Free On Board = FOB) to stare at (to WATCH) (FOB WATCH) how gentleman keeps time (pocket watch on chain = FOB WATCH),

4 Not good (EVIL) in vile (vile = EVIL) mix,

5 Ulster (NI-) fool (-TWIT) (NITWIT) with silly person (NITWIT),

6 As far as I’m concerned (PERSONALLY) it’s human (PERSON-) to meet friend (-ALLY) (PERSONALLY),

7 It’s was predictable (FORESEEN) for (FOR-) sweetheart (heart/centre of sweet = -E-) to be noticed (-SEEN) (FORESEEN),

13 Cast an eye over (-READ-) first victim (“Abel” = “able” = -ABLE) in speech (UNREADABLE) finding Finnegan’s Wake tedious (UNREADABLE),

14 Take it (INFER) up north (NI = IN-) for iron (-FE-) resistance (-R) (INFER),

16 Very thin (HAIRLINE) husband (H-) on plane (-AIRLINE) (HAIRLINE),

17 That shower (RAINY) going nowhere fast on Tuesday (DAY)! (RAINY DAY) Bank on it perhaps? (bank on it / save it for RAINY DAY),

19 They have a track record perhaps (TRAINS) with coaches (TRAINS),

21 Charge (levy = LEV-Y) over it (-IT-) (LEVITY) in high spirits (LEVITY),

23 Director (D-) needed in a flood (-ARK) (DARK) when the lights go out (DARK),

24 Looking back, mother (Ma = -A-M) mixed up with Elsie (Elsie = LC = C-L-) we hear (CALM) in tranquillity (CALM).