Crosaire No 15022 by Crossheir – Monday, February 25, 2013

Mon, Feb 25, 2013, 23:55



1 Totally bewilder (BAFFLE) graduate (BA-) at party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) with the French (the = -LE) (BAFFLE),

4 At sea, can’t get over these (ICEBERGS) salads (salads = ICEBERGS),

9 Settle on (CHOOSE) copyright (C-) for stocking (stocking = – HO-SE) with hole (-O-) in it (CHOOSE),

10 American rep (UNCLE SAM) leads to Tom’s cabin (UNCLE Tom’s Cabin) near Salvation Army (SA-) on motorway (-M) (UNCLE SAM),

12 Doesn’t occur on time (SUPERVENE) for Garda chief (SUPER-) to break even (even = -VENE) (SUPERVENE),

13 It’s a bit childish to take this position (CRAWL) to credit (CR-) producer of hole in wall perhaps (-AWL) (CRAWL),

14 Ridiculously old-fashioned (ANTEDILUVIAN) aunty (“aunty” = “ante” = ANTE-) told Diana (-DI-) to say it in Troy (language spoken in Troy = -LUVIAN) (ANTEDILUVIAN),

18…st…an….d….s….t……ill (come to a standstill = GRIND TO A HALT and visible impression of letters is of a GRIND TO A HALT),

21 It’s all right (OK-) for media company (Associated Press = -AP-) individual (-I) (OKAPI) to meet relative with some neck in zoo (OKAPI is relative of giraffe, but has a shorter neck),

22 Sounds like instruction to park a tree (“park a tree” = PARQUETRY) by fancy block work (patterned block wood flooring = PARQUETRY)

24 Wanted picture (PHOTOFIT) to look good on film (PHOTO FIT),

25 Italian market (RIALTO) off canal in Dublin (RIALTO),

26 Anna and Sigmund Freud (psychoanalysts) ignore Psycho (‘psychoanalysts’ without ‘psycho’ = ANALYSTS) as pundits (ANALYSTS),

27 Turn around (GYRATE) dreadful tragedy (tragedy) without director (d) (‘tragedy’ without ‘d’ = tragey = GYRATE).


1 In favour of (BACK-) friends (friends = pals = -SLAP) returning (BACKSLAP) for hearty congratulations (BACKSLAP),

2 Lines the street (FOOTPATH) to pay for (to FOOT-) passage (-PATH) (FOOTPATH),

3 It’s a way of paying (LASER bank card) for cutting light (LASER),

5 It creates a controversy (a controversy = CONSERVATORY) in Belvedere perhaps (Belvedere is similar to a CONSERVATORY),

6 It’s not allowed in Post Office (BALACLAVA) to go on ahead (on a head = BALACLAVA),

7 Painter (RA-) with barman (bar man = -SC-) and gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (RASCAL) is looking for mischief (RASCAL),

8 It’s not hard (SIMPLE) to smile (smile = SIM-LE) awkwardly around Penny (-P-) (SIMPLE),

11 Getting rid of (SELLING) view (view = POINT) (SELLING POINT) at checkout (SELLING POINT),

15 Short living space (DORM-) on one (-I-) island (-TORY island) (DORMITORY) for a number of people on the bunk perhaps (DORMITORY),

16 Guy (MAN-) at cash register (-TILL-) with a (-A) (MANTILLA) silk scarf made in Madrid (MANTILLA),

17 Will not go out (STAY HOME) to restrict dog’s movement (STAY) at digs (HOME) (STAY HOME),

19 Ring (ring = HOOP-) American city (-LA) (HOOPLA) with great excitement (HOOPLA),

20 Father (PA-) gets worshiped (-GOD-) in motoring organisation (-A-A) (PAGODA) temple (PAGODA),

23 Franco leaves functionary (‘Franco’ leaves ‘functionary’ = untiy = UNITY) in coalition (UNITY).