Crosaire No 15021 by Crossheir – Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sun, Feb 24, 2013, 23:55



1 It’s what keeper wears (wicket keeper wears CRICKET WHITES) for noisy sort (CRICKET) with half the washing perhaps (WHITES) (CRICKET WHITES),

10 Australian bouncer (ROO = short of Kangaroo in Australia) comes across monarch (-KING) (ROOKING) taking money by cheating (ROOKING),

11 A (A-) friend (-MATE-) goes to old city (-UR) (AMATEUR) with one without expertise (AMATEUR),

12 Secret (CODE) payment at door (Cash On Delivery = COD-) for ecstasy (-E) (CODE),

13 Mix of metals (ALLOY) produced by whole of (ALL-) Offaly (-OY) (ALLOY),

15 Director reduced (director = executive reduced = EXEC) to getting former partner (EX-) to go to European community (-EC) (EXEC),

17 Provides perfect balance to skate (FIN gives balance to skate/fish) in foreign end (end = FIN in France),

19 Roving (ERRANT) backward about (RE = ER-) broadside (broadside = -RANT) (ERRANT),

21 A (A-) name in Paris (French name = -NOM-) gets Irish address (Irish domain address = .ie = -IE) (ANOMIE) with no regard for social norms (ANOMIE),

22 Satisfied (CONTENT) temporary housing (-TENT) behind swindle (CON-) (CONTENT),

23 Cunning (cunning = S-LY) around you (-U-) and father (-PP-) (SUPPLY) in store (store = SUPPLY),

25 Dated old sucker (CACHOU lozenge) is not a hard nut (hard nut = “cashew” = “cachou” = CACHOU) reportedly,

27 Foreign body in air (UFO) captured in Beaufort (Beaufort = ufo = UFO),

29 Takes (USES) liberties with drugs (USES),

30 Break up fun (fun = UNF-) to get it (-IT) (UNFIT) in poor condition (UNFIT),

31 Head of coalition (head of coalition = C-) on verge of (-LIP) (CLIP) strike (strike = CLIP),

34 Detective (P-I-) admits college (-UCC-) going to Ulster (-NI) (PUCCINI) for Italian composer (PUCCINI),

35 It (IT-) made Reich (Reich = -CHIER) (ITCHIER) more restless (ITCHIER),

36 Lords (CRICKET GROUND) found in Phoenix Park (CRICKET GROUND found in Phoenix Park).


2 I’ll say it again (REORDER), it’s about (RE-) fish and chips please (-ORDER) (REORDER),

3 Copyright (C-) for what Adam gave to Eve (-RIB-) (CRIB) in local apartment (CRIB),

4 Sweep over (ENGULF) small measure (EN-) in estuary (estuary = -GULF) (ENGULF),

5 Looking back now (now = W-ON) over pressure (-P-) on Russell (AE = -EA-) (WEAPON) for robbing bank (WEAPON),

6 Is féidir liom (I CAN) Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA = I CA-) with new leader (leader of new = -N) (I CAN),

7 ETP TOZ LPED (some letters on EYE EXAM chart) – watch it get smaller towards the end (EYE EXAM letters get smaller and smaller),

8 Relative of grasshopper (CRICKET) confuses (STUMPS) (CRICKET STUMPS) what’s protected by bats (CRICKET STUMPS are protected by batman’s bats)

9 Noisy creature (CRICKET) to judge (UMPIRE) (CRICKET UMPIRE) by man giving out behind stumps (CRICKET UMPIRE),

14 Father tells child he won’t carry her (LIFT OFF) in NASA’s upheaval perhaps (NASA says LIFT OFF to go up),

16 Relative (UNCLE) of peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) with Labour leader (leader of Labour = -L-) in Clare (-C-E) (UNCLE),

18 H (H for ‘hot’ is ON TAP) draft? (draft = ON TAP),

20 Rails without royalist (‘royalist’ without ‘rails’ = oyt = TOY) in game (game = TOY),

21 Copyright  (-C) behind article (AN-) (ANC) for African party (ANC),

24 Working under one’s nose perhaps (a PIERCER might works under one’s nose when piercing it) has something to do with one’s ears (a PIERCER pierces one’s ears),

26 Local rowdy troublemaker (HELLION) at devil’s home (HELL-) is charged (-ION is charged) (HELLION),

27 Foreign article (une = UN-E) covering last letters (-RIP-) (UNRIPE) lacks maturity (UNRIPE),

28 Crude (crude = OIL-) gin (gin = -ING) cocktail (OILING) makes things go like clockwork (OILING),

32 Brass metal (ZINC) sounds in kitchen (“sink” = “zinc” = ZINC),

33 Reflection (reflection = ECHO) of ghost? (ghost = ECHO).