Crosaire No 15020 by Crossheir – Friday, February 22, 2013

Fri, Feb 22, 2013, 23:55



1 Mafia (MOB-) go to Italy (-I-) with the French (the = -LE) (MOBILE) listening device (MOBILE),

4 One (-I-) democrat (-DEM-) in long film (EP-IC) (EPIDEMIC) is truly infectious (EPIDEMIC),

9 Weep (weep = CR-Y) over a (-A-) paper (Financial Times = -FT-) (CRAFTY) with clever deceitful method (CRAFTY),

10 Germany (German domain = .de = DE-) finds saint’s remains (-RELIC-) on square (T-square = -T) (DERELICT) in ruins (in ruins = DERELICT),

12 Wireless (RADIO-) weight (-GRAM) (RADIOGRAM) used in medical examination (X-ray = RADIOGRAM),

13 Small (S-) freshwater duck (-TEAL) (STEAL) with an idea taken from someone else (STEAL),

14 Leinster perhaps (ONE-SIDE-) at German address (German domain = .de = -DE-) send (send = -DNES-) back skinhead (head/first of skin = -S) (ONE-SIDEDEDNESS) for having right-handed bias (ONE-SIDEDEDNESS),

18 Computer based commands (COPY AND PASTE) lead to plagiarism technique on the Internet (COPY AND PASTE),

21 Adam (Adam / first person = I) and lawyer (senior counsel = -S-C-) ring motoring association (-AA-) (ISAAC) for Jacob’s father (ISAAC),

Adam and lawyer ring motoring association for Jacob’s father

22 Lie (lie = -ELI-) damaged in broken quarry (quarry = R-QUARY) (RELIQUARY) as shrine for saints’ remains (RELIQUARY),

24 Nails problem (WHITLOWS) for Welsh leader (leader of Welsh = W-) on strike (strike = -HIT-) at low (-LOW-) point (compass point south = -S) (WHITLOWS),

25 Looking back, Laing (laing = gnial) takes in Oriental (e) (‘gnial’ with ‘e’ = genial = GENIAL) person who is good-natured (GENIAL),

26 Holds water (GLASS) for viewing (EYE) (GLASS EYE) artificial visual aid (GLASS EYE),

27 It’s motivation (ANIMUS) enough to get Irish name wrong (name = ainm = ANIM-) for Americans (Americans  = -US) (ANIMUS).


1 Mother (MA-) gets animated on screen (cartoon) dropping square (T-square = T) (‘cartoon’ without ‘t’ = caroon = -CAROON) (MACAROON) French patisserie (MACAROON),

2 Company (company = B-AND) admit railway (-R-) in mint condition (NEW) (BRAND NEW) has just arrived and has never been used (BRAND NEW),

3 Painters leave petrol station (‘petrol station’ without ‘painters’ = tolto = LOTTO) for numbers game (LOTTO),

5 In particular (PRE-EMINENTLY), before (PRE-) reaching August (august = -EMINENT-) with the second half of July (second half of July = -LY) (PRE-EMINENTLY),

6 Puts on costume (DRESSES UP) to get ready (to DRESS) to back use (use = -ES U-) for piano (-P) (DRESSES UP),

7 Single (MAIDEN) race for losers (MADIEN race),

8 In church (Church of England = C-E), gangster (Al Capone = -A-L-) hides teetotaller (-TT-) (CATTLE) with livestock (CATTLE),

11 Worm (CREEPY-CRAWLY) gives one the heebie-jeebies (CREEPY-CRAWLY might give one the heebie-jeebies),

15 Is (IS-) so (so = -OS-) backward, Clare (-CE-) and the French (the = -LES) (ISOSCELES) produced type with two equal sides (ISOSCELES),

16 Way out of Mountjoy may be (may be ESCAPISM) in your dreams (ESCAPISM),

17 Passes on (RECYCLES) Green Card motions perhaps? (Green card motions / Green ticket agenda = RECYCLES),

19 Signal by waving flag (WIGWAG) to go on ahead (WIG-) with wife and girlfriend (Wife And Girlfriend = -WAG) (WIGWAG),

20 Fit (F-IT-) to cover Berlin’s positive response (German ‘yes’ = ja = – AJ-) coming back with adult (-A) (FAJITA) from Mexican restaurant (FAJITA is from Mexican restaurant),

23 Sounds like neighbour’s mam (neighbour’s / Britain’s “mam” = “ma’am” = QUEEN) is a card (card = QUEEN),