Crosaire No 15019 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thu, Feb 21, 2013, 23:55



8 Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = -T-) in care (CAR-E-) learning symbol (learner = -L) (CARTEL) for controlling price (CARTEL),

9 Movements between shelters? (REHOUSES) It’s about (RE-) Dáil and Seanad (-HOUSES of Oireachtas),

10 Strike a blow dropping walkers (‘strike a blow’ without ‘walkers’ = tibo = OBIT) with short last words (OBIT),

11 Fool (fool = CON-) gets congratulations (congratulations = -TRIBUTE) (CONTRIBUTE) for supply (CONTRIBUTE),

12 Nuisance (HASSLE) bursting with good health (hale = HA-LE) running around ship (-SS-) (HASSLE),

14 Drop off before showering (BATHROBE) graduate (BA-) with drum (-THROB-) energy (-E) (BATHROBE),

15 Moderate (MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD) in white line (white line is in MIDDLE OF THE ROAD),

18 Thanks (TA-) to Kildare (-KE), speculation (ODDS) (TAKE ODDS) leads to offer from accountant (offer from turf accountant = TAKE ODDS),

20 Wedding cake design (TIERED wedding cake) with bow (bow = TIE-) stops traffic (red traffic light = -RED) (TIERED),

22 Would rather have male workers (prefer men = PREFERMEN-) on square (T-square = -T) (PREFERMENT) appointed to office (PREFERMENT),

24 Supporter (fan = NA-F) comes back over one (-I-) (NAIF) with innocent abroad (NAIF),

25 Over 21s with no white socks (rules/codes to enter a bar/club = BAR CODES) knows the price of everything (BAR CODES scan prices of items),

26 Causes the big bang (nuclear fusion causes the big bang = FUSION) for UFOs in (UFOs in = FUSION) explosion.


1 Young man (LA-D-) admits doctor (Bachelor of Medicine = -MB-) gets a (-A) (LAMBDA) Greek letter (LAMBDA),

2 It doesn’t need to be corrected (STET) to be let stand (STET),

3 Visual face painting? (BLACK EYE) You didn’t see that coming (BLACK EYE),

4 When (when) leaving hotel (h) (‘when’ without ‘h’ = wen = W-EN) around end of December (end of December = -R-) (WREN) with small bird (WREN),

5 That (that) missing adult (a) (‘that’ missing ‘a’ = tht – TH-T) admits sir (sir = -IRS-) confused (THIRST) by desire (desire = THIRST),

6 Latex producer (RUBBER TREE) pencils out (pencils out = removes = RUBBER/eraser removes) Holly (TREE) (RUBBER TREE),

7 Brave (brave = VE-BRA) developer covers station (-RTÉ-) (VERTEBRA) with important segments of column (vertebral column has small bones = VERTEBRA),

13 Right (SIDE) result (EFFECT) (SIDE EFFECT) may cause dizziness (may cause dizziness = SIDE EFFECT),

14 They really get the picture (film BUFFS) with Sandy and Fawn (Sandy and Fawn = beige-like colours = BUFFS),

16 Asleep on the job? (IN A DREAM) It’s a nightmare scenario (IN A DREAM),

17 Outstanding person (HOT STUFF) in sun belt perhaps (close to sun = HOT STUFF),

19 Poke fun (DERIDE) at German address (German domain = .de = DE-) on rollercoaster (-RIDE) (DERIDE),

21 Writer (ED-) is (-IS-) getting on (-ON) (EDISON) with famous inventor (EDISON),

23 Hooper leaves pea shooter (‘pea shooter’ without ‘hooper’ = east = EAST) in Orient (EAST),

24 Look around in someone else’s house (NOSE around) in reportedly plain view (“plain” view = “plane” view is from the NOSE of the aeroplane).