Crosaire No 15018 by Crossheir – Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wed, Feb 20, 2013, 23:55



1 Greeting (HI-) at home (-IN-) between director general (-D-G) (HIDING) and where 4 across was (stowaway was HIDING),

4 Ignored bill of sale reportedly (“sale” = “sail” + ignored bill = didn’t pay = STOWAWAY) for one with free travel (STOWAWAY),

9 Maoism (Maoism = MIMOSA) in a tizzy with champagne and orange juice (MIMOSA),

10 Surprisingly, Sartre in (Sartre in = TRAINERS) with those looking after the horses (TRAINERS),

12 Shows someone the door (CONCIERGE) to trick (CON-) old public transport system (-CI-E) to cover workforce (unit of work/energy force = -ERG-) (CONCIERGE),

13 That’s more than once (TWICE) Lawrence (T-E) admitted Kay (Kay = k) left wick (wick) (‘wick’ without ‘k’ = wic =  -WIC-) (TWICE),

14 Sounds like line-out (DIALLING TONE) call with numbers (DIAL-) to Heather (heather = -LING) in a manner of speaking (a manner/way of speaking  = TONE) (DIALLING TONE),

18 Covers (bed covers = BEDDING) spy (spy = PLANT) (BEDDING PLANT) found in back garden (BEDDING PLANT),

21 Acts like it’s hers (OWNER acts like it’s hers) with name over shop (OWNER has name over shop),

22 Tired (tired = IR-TED) in a way ringing Rita (-RITA-) (IRRITATED) in a bad mood (IRRITATED),

24 Question asked by Commissioner to Garda (WHODUNIT) in Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie’s mystery Murder on the Orient Express is a WHODUNIT),

25 Wash one’s hands of (DISOWN) outcry (din = DI-N) over plant (-SOW-) (DISOWN),

26 Letter from Pope (official letter/instruction from the Pope = BULL-) plagues (plagues = -DOGS) (BULLDOGS) stubborn types (BULLDOGS),

27 Relative (S-IS) holding onto records (extended-play records = EPs = -EPS-) (SEPSIS) for dangerous toxic attack (SEPSIS).



1 Residence (HOM-E) admits individual (-I-) in Garda (Garda department = -CID-) (HOMICIDE) division investigates murder (HOMICIDE),

2 Comedian (comedian = DEMONIAC) spoiled by person possessed by spirit  (DEMONIAC),

3 Looking back, Irish address (Irish domain address = .ie = -EI) crime (crime = sin = NIS-) with second-generation Americans from Japan (born to Japanese immigrants in America or Canada = NISEI),

5 Middle Eastern (middle of eastern = T-) hesitation (-ER-) every 100 years (-CENTENARY) (TERCENTENARY) leads to long celebration (TERCENTENARY),

6 How story appears in paper (WRITTEN UP) leads to court order (WRIT-) for Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE-) to reverse pun (pun = -N UP) (WRITTEN UP),

7 It’s a film for crying out loud (WEEPIE film) with little (WEE-) detective (-PI-) chasing Oriental (Oriental = east = -E) (WEEPIE),

8 Positive response (YES-) to John and Peter (-MEN) (YES-MEN) is always okay with them (YES-MEN),

11 Hitting the ball (-DRIVING) after tea (DRINK-) (DRINK-DRIVING) is against the law on road (DRINK-DRIVING),

15 Relax! (LIE AROUND) It’s not true (LIE-) it’s a tray of drinks (a round = -AROUND) (LIE AROUND),

16 No actors (no actors = CARTOONS) cast goofy roadrunner (Goofy and Road Runner are CARTOONS),

17 Lady-killers (STUD-S) cover ripped net (net = -ENT-) (STUDENTS) for those learning a lesson (STUDENTS),

19 Fly-catcher (COBWEB) firm (firm = CO-) close to bed and breakfast (-B-B) takes in the royal one (“the royal we” is when sovereigns use ‘we’ for ‘I’ = -WE-) (COBWEB),

20 Up north (NI = IN-) fermented loaf (loaf = -FOAL) (IN FOAL) due on farm (due on farm = IN FOAL),

23 String (TWINE) leads to square (T-square = T-) found in Bordeaux (-WINE) (TWINE).