Crosaire No 15017 by Crossheir – Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tue, Feb 19, 2013, 23:55



8 Stolen (HOT-) cannabis (-POT) (HOTPOT) creates a bit of a stew perhaps (HOTPOT),

9 First person (I-) with Clare (-CE) gets rub (rub = CREAM) (ICE CREAM) of parlour favourite (ICE CREAM parlour),

10 They’re worn as Sunday wear (ALBS) for a (A-) pound (-LB-) and shilling (-S) (ALBS),

11 Irish king (king = RI-) and Carol (-SING) tied (“tied” = “tide” = TIDE) reportedly (RISING TIDE) to event influenced by satellite (event influenced by satellite / moon = RISING TIDE),

12 Anonymous (A-) artist (-R-A) holds can (-CAN-) (ARCANA) of secrets (ARCANA),

14 Damage (MAR-) very serious (-GRAVE) (MARGRAVE) for prince in old empire (MARGRAVE),

15 Paperwork for free horsemeat perhaps (LUNCHEON VOUCHER) is one’s meal ticket (LUNCHEON VOUCHER),

18 Member (member = MEMBR-E) broken up over article (-AN-) (MEMBRANE) found on boundary (MEMBRANE),

20 Handles changeover perhaps (TELLER handles change/transactions in bank) to give the game away (TELL-) in hospital (-ER) (TELLER),

22 Sweep (sweep = BRUS-H-) over speed of light (-C-) at Tate (Tate = -ETTA) deception (BRUSCHETTA) swallowed in Italy (BRUSCHETTA),

24 Third person (HE-) to get to British politician (-MP) (HEMP) involved in rope business (HEMP),

25 Provide money (RESOURCE) to religious education (Religious Education = RE-) informant (-SOURCE) (RESOURCE),

26 Go into greater detail (EXPAND) with former (EX-) head of police (head of police = -P-) making dan (dan = -AND) (EXPAND),


1 What an awful slip (HOWLER) to roar (HOWL-) in hospital (-ER) (HOWLER),

2 Broken apse (apse = APES) in church view not related to us (the Church view is that APES are not related to humans),

3 Look at red carpet to see (STARGAZE) what daydreamer does (STARGAZE),

4 Promotes (AIDS) first class (AI-) detective (Detective Superintendent = -DS) (AIDS),

5 Turning curdled milk (curdled milk = rennet = TENNER) found in ACC bank perhaps (TENNER),

6 Concerned with address in a manner of speaking (ORATORICAL) for mouthpiece (ORATOR-) with iodine (-I-) dietary concern (calorie =  -CAL) (ORATORICAL),

7 Russell (AE= EA-) backed blend due (due = -U DE) to compete eagerly (to compete eagerly = VIE) (EAU DE VIE) with French spirit (EAU DE VIE),

13 Spiced wine (spiced wine/port = -BISHOP) behind vault (ARCH-) (ARCHBISHOP) for really important father (ARCHBISHOP),

14 Mother (MA-) finds poor result (no grade = -NG-) to mail (email = -E-) (MANGE) to beastly irritant (MANGE),

16 It isn’t deserved (UNEARNED) for peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) to take home (-EARN-) writer (-ED) (UNEARNED),

17 No longer in closet (OUT-), went out with (-DATED) (OUTDATED) unfashionable type (OUTDATED),

19 Stick (ADHERE) to head teacher without cheat (‘head teacher’ without ‘cheat’ = hedear = ADHERE),

21 Hesitation (ER-) relates to personal ownership (-MINE-) (ERMINE) of royal fur (highly prized fur formerly reserve for royalty = ERMINE),

23 Opposition (opposition = not us = THEM) to square (T-square T-) near Trim (trim = -HEM) (THEM),

24 Dream (HOPE) of Spain (-E) after spring (HOP-) (HOPE).