Crosaire No 15016 by Crossheir – Monday, February 18, 2013

Mon, Feb 18, 2013, 23:55



1 After April (after April = MA-Y), admits young chap (-LAD-) (MALADY) with ailment (ailment = MALADY),

4 In summary (ABSTRACT), helps to stop cars (Anti-lock Braking System = ABS-) on Irish beach (beach = -TRA-) going to court (-CT) (ABSTRACT),

9 Express annoyance (TU-T-) over function of (function of = -F-) writer (-ED) (TUFTED) having bunched up grass (TUFTED),

10 Painstaking perhaps without feeling (endure pain without a display of feeling = STOICISM) patient (STOIC-) is (-IS-) married (-M) (STOICISM),

12 Get someone else to do it (OUTSOURCE) in open (OUT-) with journalist’s plant (-SOURCE) (OUTSOURCE),

13 John (John = Jack (in deck of cards) = KNAVE) above Number 10 (KNAVE is above the 10 in deck of cards),

14 Bodyguard (guard body = IMMUNE SYSTEM) not subject to (IMMUNE) arrangement (arrangement = SYSTEM) (IMMUNE SYSTEM),

18 Aware of a sink (SENSE OF SMELL) under one’s nose (SENSE OF SMELL),

21 Circuit (LA P-) map of London (-AZ) (LA PAZ) found in Bolivia (LA PAZ is capital of Bolivia),

22 Accountant (CA-) firm (-CO-) is not genuine (phoney) dropping energy (e) (‘phoney’ without ‘e’ = phony = -PHONY) (CACOPHONY) in racket (racket = CACOPHONY),

24 Did (DID-) take action (-ACT-) I see (-IC) (DIDACTIC) regarding how patronising teacher performs (DIDACTIC),

25 Misdemeanour (-SIN-) in central applications office (CAO = CA-O) (CASINO) is a money-spinner (CASINO),

26 Sent (SE-NT) over redesigned gear (gear = -RGEA-) (SERGEANT) for Garda middle management (SERGEANT),

27 Addressed as Sir (‘Dear Sir …’ = EDITOR) is capable of taking leaf from someone’s book (EDITOR),


1 Swift rise (METEORIC) gives English police force (the MET-) executive order (-EO-) on old Irish police (-RIC) (METEORIC),

2 Punishment for murder (LIFE-) in jail (in jail = doing TIME) (LIFETIME) is an age (an age = LIFETIME),

3 Policeman (DI-) with self-confidence (-EGO) (DIEGO) produces Jacob in Madrid (Jacob in Madrid / in Spanish = DIEGO),

5 Sweet (BUTTERSCOTCH) found in creamery (BUTTER-) with spirit (-SCOTCH) (BUTTERSCOTCH),

6 Layer (THICKNESS) of local stupidity (THICKNESS),

7 Article (AN-) on one (-I-) mother (-MA) learning to drive (learner = -L) (ANIMAL) is beastly (ANIMAL),

8 It (it = TI-) comes back to me (me) leaving member (member) (‘member’ without ‘me’ = mber = -MBER) (TIMBER) with logs (TIMBER),

11 Angry (CROSS-) department (-SECTION) (CROSS-SECTION) provides representative sample (CROSS-SECTION),

15 Heinz sect (Heinz sect = NIETZSCHE) mixed up with philosopher (NIETZSCHE),

16 Cloud (M-IST) covers dole (dole = -ELOD-) reversal (MELODIST) for singer (MELODIST),

17 Goes to the gate (goes to The Gate theatre = PLAYGOER) to amuse oneself (PLAY-) with project likely to succeed (it’s a GOER) (PLAYGOER),

19 Playground favourites (SLIDES) found under microscope (SLIDES),

20 Speculation (starting price = SP-) on international leader (leader of international = -I-) and the German (the = -DER) (SPIDER) web designer (SPIDER),

23 Check (PLAID) place (PL) for Irish God (God = Dia = -AID) returning (PLAID)