Crosaire No 15015 by Crossheir – Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sun, Feb 17, 2013, 23:55



1 Put out (put out/annoyed = CROSS-) with what doctor does (-EXAMINES) (CROSS-EXAMINES) with what barman does (barman / lawyer CROSS-EXAMINES),

10 Automation (automation = ROBOT-) in charge (-IC) (ROBOTIC) of stiff type (stiff = ROBOTIC),

11 Found in bakery (FL-OUR) holding a (-A-) sign (Victory sign = -V-) (FLAVOUR) to taste (FLAVOUR),

12 The like of (SUCH) you and me (us = SU-) returning to Alp country (Switzerland = -CH) (SUCH),

13 Green light (GO) for (BA-) scholar and director (-D) (GO BAD) will happen after use-by date (GO BAD),

15 Benefits (AIDS) first class (AI-) policewoman (detective superintendent = -DS) (AIDS),

17 Rationalist leaves railway station (‘railway station’ without ‘rationalist’ = way = WAY) by track (track = WAY),

19 Blueprint (PLAN-) for foreign type (-ET) (PLANET) sustained by The Sun (life on PLANET earth is sustained by the sun’s light and energy),

21 Germany (German domain = .de = DE-) gets old police (RIC = -R-IC) to hide Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) (DERMIC) in relation to skinhead perhaps (DERMIC),

22 Kenneth (-KEN-) taken in by marijuana (WEE-D) (WEEKEND) on Saturday and Sunday (WEEKEND),

23 Resume business (REOPEN) about (RE-) start of 24 down (= openair = -OPEN) (REOPEN),

25 Capable of (able = A-BLE) admitting artist (-RA-) (ARABLE) is cultivated (ARABLE),

27 Second person (YOU) to attract attention (Yo! = YO-) on centre court (centre of court = -U) (YOU),

29 It’s word to finish (it’s OVER) play at Lords (OVER),

30 Lawyer (SC-) gets 20 down (= ten = -ENT) mixed-up (SCENT) with Cologne (SCENT),

31 Class (RANK) captain (RANK),

34 It will come out (EMANATE) virtual dude (virtual dude = e-man = EMAN-) gets at (-AT-) English leader (leader of English = -E) (EMANATE),

35 Rita (-RITA-) trapped in chest (B-IN) (BRITAIN) with close neighbour (BRITAIN is close neighbour),

36 Tactic used at Ballroom of Romance (CROSS THE FLOOR to ask someone to dance) is action condemned by one party in Dáil (CROSS THE FLOOR = to join the opposition ranks).


2 Let on to leave concelebrate (‘concelebrate’ without ‘let on’ ccebrae = = REBECCA) with Isaac’s wife (REBECCA),

3 Stuff (SATE) at end of week (SAT-) with sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E) (SATE),

4 Bond (a bond/deed = ESCROW) gets drugs (E’s = ES-) for native American (-CROW) (ESCROW),

5 Article (A-) on party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) puts sunlight on something (-RAY-) (AFFRAY) at public disturbance (AFFRAY),

6 Draw attention in 35 across (= Britain) (Draw attention in British = “I say!’ = I SAY) to one (I-) voice (SAY) (I SAY),

7 European (E-) to go (-GO-) to mist (mist = TISM) disruption (EGOTISM) out of self-interest (EGOTISM),

8 Get over (cross over = CROSS-) motives (-PURPOSES) (CROSS-PURPOSES) for confusion in conversation (CROSS-PURPOSES),

9 Times (2 times 2 = 4 or 2 X 2 = 4; multiplication symbol X = CROSS-) examining (-CHECKING) (CROSSCHECKING) verification (CROSSCHECKING)?

14 Bet (BACK-) on surprise (Ho! = -HO-) for middlemen (middle of men = -E) with site scooper (scooper found on building site = BACKHOE),

16 In Paris, I (I = JE-) get better (well) losing novice (novice = learner = l) (‘well’ without ‘l’ = wel = -WEL) (JEWEL) for Crystal (crystal = JEWEL),

18 Exercise (PE-) doctor (-DR-) getting around (-O) (PEDRO) Peter in Spain (Spanish for Peter = PEDRO),

20 Cross (X = TEN) at Church service (Christen) drops Chris (“Christen without ‘Chris’ = TEN),

21 Daniel (Dan = DNA) playing tricks with evidence of life (DNA),

24 Love (O-) for writing (-PEN-) tune (-AIR) (OPEN AIR) outdoors (OPEN AIR),

26 Showing off (BRAVADO) father (Da = -AD-) returning in what’s well done (bravo = BRAV-O) (BRAVADO),

27 Archaic to name (YCLEPT) – yet (Y-E-T) covers 150 (-CL-) with power (-E-) (YCLEPT),

28 Unfit (UNABLE) peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) meets sailor (able-bodied seaman = -AB-) and the French (the = -LE) (UNABLE),

32 Goes off course (YAWS) at end of July (end of July = J-) with broken saw (saw = -AWS) (YAWS),

33 Welcome (HI-) fifty-fifty (-LL) (HILL) in bank (bank = HILL).