Crosaire No 15014 by Crossheir – Friday, February 15, 2013

Fri, Feb 15, 2013, 23:50



1 Start letter (DEAR-) to the (the) missing middlemen (middle of men = e) (‘the’ without ‘e’ = th = -TH) (DEARTH) with shortfall (shortfall = DEARTH),

4 Not looking good (IN A STATE) up north (NI = IN) for middle class (middle of class = A) position (STATE) (IN A STATE),

9 That Malinks fella with melodeon legs (“SKINNY malinks melodeon legs big banana feet …”) in film (film = SKIN-) on American city (-NY) (SKINNY),

10 Kay (K-) gets to sleep (-NAP-) by fire (fire = -SACK) (KNAPSACK) with kit bag (KNAPSACK),

12 Working in stock exchanges (BARTERERS), they never see colour of someone’s money (BARTERERS),

13 Spirit (R-UM) overcame man (-HE-) (RHEUM) with watery eyes (RHEUM),

14 Diet perhaps (WEIGHT LIFTER) for Olympic athlete with a lot on his shoulders (WEIGHTLIFTER),

18 Plan (PLA-N) to cover individual (-I-) costumes (CLOTHES) (PLAIN CLOTHES) for Garda who wants to fit in (PLAIN CLOTHES),

21 Resigned (STOIC) to (-TO-) finding one (-I-) hidden by barman (S-C) (STOIC),

22 Howling (ULULATION) at university (University of Limerick = UL) named twice (UL+UL = ULUL-) at (-AT-) flipping number one (No 1 = noi = -ION) (ULULATION),

24 Those gym routines (CIRCUITS) will drive you round the bend (CIRCUITS),

25 It’s no honour (no honour = PASS-) I’m (-IM) (PASSIM) mentioned here and there in footnotes (PASSIM),

26 Loudest one (loudest i = SOLITIDE) for a change at peace (SOLITUDE),

27 Found in swimming pools (chlorine = CL-) and has control over (-OWNS) (CLOWNS) idiots (CLOWNS).


1 Clean (DUST) basin (BOWL) for blustery American type in 30s (windstorms in the 1930s in Oklahoma/Texas/Kansas area called ‘the Dust Bowl’ = DUST BOWL),

2 Amateur  (A-) police division (-CID) ran (RA-N) across individual (-I-) (ACID RAIN) with environmental concern (ACID RAIN),

3 Even in the past (past TENSE) it makes one anxious (TENSE),

5 No (NO-) bird will live here (nest = -N EST)? True (FACT-) hesitation (-UM) (NON EST FACTUM) of written agreement invalid in old Rome (NON EST FACTUM),

6 Local Garda chief (Superintendent = SUPER-) with lead actor (-HERO) (SUPERHERO) saves the day! (SUPERHERO),

7 Kindle (AWAKEN) article (A-) on Irish funeral (-WAKE-) has point (compass point north = -N) (AWAKEN),

8 So Mike (so Mike = ESKIMO), in other words, with global warming could he be living on thin ice? (ESKIMO),

11 Not feeling sick (WELL-), locate (-SITUATE-) director (-D) (WELL SITUATED) in a good place (WELL SITUATED),

15 Maintain (HOLD) place in Wimbledon (COURT) (HOLD COURT) at centre of attention (HOLD COURT),

16 Series (CHAIN-) on South Africa (SA-) women (-W) (CHAINSAW) is cutting edge  (CHAINSAW),

17 Time (T-) after Saturday (-SUN-) morning (-AM) on Iceland (-IS) (TSUNAMIS) following shocks at sea (TSUNAMIS),

19 Plays mind games (PSYCHS) with scientific study (psychology = PSY-) on Alpine country (Switzerland = CH-) school (-S) (PSYCHS),

20 Surprise (Cor! = COR-) artist (-RA-) with large (-L) (CORRAL) pen (pen/compound = CORRAL),

23 In any way (AT ALL), adult (A-) thanks (ta = -T A-) Lyons (“lyons” = “lines” = -LL) we hear (AT ALL).