Crosaire No 15013 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thu, Feb 14, 2013, 23:55



8 On (on) getting away during the month (month) (‘month’ without ‘on’ = mth = -MTH) after fighting (WAR-) (WARMTH) requires kindness (WARMTH),

9 It’s well thought out (REASONED) for the German (the = der = R-ED) flipping over Irish bookseller (-EASON-) (REASONED),

10 Painful remorse (PANG) father (PA-) with worst result (no grade = -NG) (PANG),

11 Paralyse (NUMB-) in hospital (-ER-) with less (-LESS) (NUMBERLESS) or more than one can shake a stick at (NUMBERLESS),

12 Maoris leaves parochialism (‘parochialism’ without ‘Maoris’ = pachil = CALIPH) to religious ruler (CALIPH),

14 Had an influence on (IMPACTED) devil (IMP-) in play (-ACT-) approaching writer (-ED) (IMPACTED),


18 Iron (FE-) short skirt (-MINI-) for sadomasochism (sadomasochism = -S+M = -SM) (FEMINISM) with the sisters (FEMINISM),

20 Kindness (LENITY) for the French (the = LE-) fool (-NIT-) at end of July (end of July = -Y) (LENITY),

22 Football Association (FA-) gets African currency (rand = -R AND) for missing goal (WIDE) (FAR AND WIDE) all over the world (FAR AND WIDE),

24 Catch sight of (SEE-) right (-R) (SEER) person in futures perhaps (SEER),

25 Sounds like Cox keeps an eye on it (sounds like coxswain keeps an eye on the SCULLERY) off the kitchen (SCULLERY),

26 Long Island (-LI-) eleven (-XI-) in hospital ward (E-R) (ELIXIR) for medicinal potion (ELIXIR),


1 Girl (ANNA = – NANA) breaks down after degree (BA-) (BANANA) in republic dependent on potato perhaps (a BANANA Republic depends on one crop generally),

2 Return manuscript (ms = SM-) with green light (go = -OG) (SMOG) for air pollution (SMOG),

3 Branch of Islam (Shia = S-HAI) cut up over fatal old punishment (-HANG-) (SHANGHAI) in China (SHANGHAI is in China),

4 Test procedure (CRAM before test/exam) with copyright (C-) for sheep (-RAM) (CRAM),

5 Map (MA- -P) covering Germany (German domain = .de = -DE) coming across uranium (U-) (MADE UP) is not real (MADE UP),

6 Picked up during mass (COLLECTION) at bank (bank = COLLECTION),

7 Sounds like sees (“sees” = “seas” = SEAS-) devil’s residence (-HELL) (SEASHELL) washed up on Dollymount (SEASHELL),

13 Cooper (Mini Cooper = Mini = INIM-) coming back to pick up one (-I-) work surface (-TABLE) (INIMITABLE) is second to none (INIMITABLE),

14 Individual (I-) with Beatrice (-BEA-) and Mike (-M) (I-BEAM) offers support to building game (I-BEAM),

16 The Spanish (the = EL-), for example (-EG-), break cane (cane = -ANCE) (ELEGANCE) for Grace (grace = ELEGANCE),

17 It’s about (RE-) devil (devil = -LI-VED) returning admitting English leader (leader of English = -E-) (RELIEVED) is grateful (RELIEVED),

19 As expected (INDEED), turns up Ulster (NI = IN-) theologian (-D-D) admits swallowing two lots of ecstasy (-E+E- = -EE-) (INDEED),

21 In the end, nip (nip = -PIN) back to Irish address (Irish domain = .ie = -IE-) behind square (T-square = T-) (TIEPIN) for man’s accessory (TIEPIN),

23 American Idol (“idol” = “idyl” = America spelling of idyll = IDYL) reportedly found in Utopia (IDYL)

24 On the slide (SKID), travel on snow (SKI-) with Penny (-D) SKID).