Crosaire No 15012 by Crossheir – Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wed, Feb 13, 2013, 23:55



1 Breadth (B-) and weight (-OUNCE) (BOUNCE) affects position of ball (BOUNCE),

4 Car pal is under the thumb (carpal bone under the thumb = SCAPHOID) of lawyer (SC-) rebuilding Idaho (Idaho = -A-HOID) around park (-P-) (SCAPHOID),

9 Peck at (NIBBLE) Egyptian flower (flower = river = N-ILE) overlooking bed and breakfast (-BB-) (NIBBLE),

10 Turns up, you and me (us = SU-) get right (-R-) to open (-PRISE) (SURPRISE) wrapped present (SURPRISE),

12 It’s all over western Europe (highest peak in western Europe = MONT BLANC) – Scotsman (MON-) with consumption (TB= -T B-) goes to US city (-LA-) near North Carolina (-NC) (MONT BLANC),

13 Encouragement from coach to athlete (RUN ON) to rush to financial institutions (RUN ON the banks),

14 Technique (ART-) found near Siena (Siena = -ESIAN) forced shaft (WELL) (ARTESIAN WELL) provided from old French water supply (ARTESIAN WELL),

18 Artane Boys Band play it (CONCERT) at Croke Park (PITCH) (CONCERT PITCH) with standard tuned instruments (CONCERT PITCH),

21 Twist (SCREW) hands (-CREW) behind square (S-) (SCREW),

22 Little (WEE-) ahead of Sir (Sir = -KNIGHT) (WEEKNIGHT) late on Tuesday (WEEKNIGHT),

24 Links together (ENTWINES) broken nets (nets = ENT-S) to cover Chablis (Chablis = -WINE-) (ENTWINES),

25 Relic (FOSSIL) of ship (-SS-) in hamper (foil = FO-IL) (FOSSIL),

26 Used  (used = SU-DE-) awkwardly around Germany (-D-), only (only) to lose ring (o) (‘only’ without ‘o’ = nly = -NLY) (SUDDENLY) out of the blue (SUDDENLY),

27 Be (BE-) close to alien (-ET-) with the French (the = -LE) (BEETLE) bug (Volkswagen Bug = BEETLE OR a bug = BEETLE).


1 Spare ribs perhaps (a BONE MEAL perhaps) used as fertilizer (BONE MEAL),

2 Old city (UR-) bar (bar = -BAN-) on edge of city (city) lacks cold (c) (‘city’ without ‘c’ = ity = -ITY) (URBANITY) courteousness (URBANITY),

3 Clare (C-E-) hides the Spanish (the = -EL-) book (-B-) (CELEB) for short famous person (CELEB),

5 Prison officer (-WARDEN) behind Faith (CHURCH-) (CHURCHWARDEN) with chapel administrator (CHURCHWARDEN),

6 The Irish Times (PAPER) trim (CLIP) (PAPER CLIP) what holds the free sheets together (PAPER CLIP),

7 Torn (torn = OR-NT) down around Irish address (Irish domain address = .ie = -IE-) (ORIENT) found in the east (ORIENT),

8 Spanish governess (DUENNA) expected (DUE-) to return girl (Ann = -NNA) (DUENNA),

11 Outstanding amount (BALANCE) won (W-) on local rascal (-HEEL) (BALANCE WHEEL) for timekeeper (BALANCE WHEEL),

15 It’s a pantomime (SNOW WHITE is a pantomime) little ones look up to her (little ones or dwarfs look up to SNOW WHITE),

16 Street (ST) has seven-year-old (AGE) group (SET) (STAGE SET) in play area (STAGE SET),

17 It’s not true to tactfully say (WHITE LIE) 15 across (= Snow WHITE) might offer it as a wrong answer (LIE) (WHITE LIE),

19 Evaluate whether (ASSESS) Russell (A-E-) is mixed up in two boats (-SS-SS) (ASSESS),

20 Made a speech (ORATED) at flipping party (do = O-D) over cost (cost = -RATE-) (ORATED),

23 Economisers drop crimes (‘economisers’ without ‘crimes’ = eonos = NOOSE) needed for hanging (NOOSE).