Crosaire No 15011 by Crossheir – Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tue, Feb 12, 2013, 23:55



8 Throb (HUM-) in hospital (-ER-) with iodine (-I) (HUMERI) found in arms (HUMERI found in arms),

9 Her (SHE-) record (extended play record = -EP) slump (DIP) (SHEEP DIP) helps one to count clean lambs perhaps (SHEEP DIP),

10 Sinatra leaves Rastafarian (‘Rastafarian’ without ‘Sinatra’ = raaf = AFAR) at a distance (AFAR),

11 Back Indian rule (Raj = JAR-) for individual (-I-) in diner (-DIN-ER-) with Oriental (-E) (JARDINIERE) vegetable garnish (JARDINIERE),

12 Gun (ARM-) fire in hole (-PIT) (ARMPIT) is sweat inducing (ARMPIT),

14 Barman (BL-) gets account (-AC-) for Kay (-K) to tie (TIE) (BLACK TIE) the knot perhaps (BLACK TIE),

15 More than one expected to go up the isle (SHOTGUN WEDDINGS) with bridal guards of honour perhaps (SHOTGUN WEDDINGS),

18 Monastery (PRIOR-Y) contains it (-IT-) (PRIORITY) in the first place (PRIORITY),

20 Not straight (ZIGZAG) with popular children’s characters from yesteryear (ZIG and ZAG = ZIGZAG),

22 Can this mean child can’t hold candle (FIRE SAFETY) to sniper’s order (FIRE) to security (SAFETY) (FIRE SAFETY)?

24 Sounds like it’s in Cork (in Cork  = “Cobh” = “cove” = COVE) for smugglers’ shelter perhaps (COVE),

25 Is this what Peig means (OLD IRISH) to those who built Newgrange (OLD IRISH)?

26 Has gall to leave museum (museum = gallery + ‘gall’ to leave ‘gallery’ = ery = -ERY) after little sleep (NAP-) (NAPERY) in linen press (household linen = NAPERY).


1 It comes between (BUFFER) fan (BUFF-) in hospital (-ER) (BUFFER),

2 2005 (YEAR) to 2006 (YEAR),

3 John James (JJ = J-J-) admits one (-I-) Unionist (-U-) gets it (-IT-) to back US (US = -SU) (JIUJITSU) fighting in Japan (JIUJITSU),

4 Short address for father of distinction (Monsignor = Msgr = MSGR) to arrange Mrs (Mrs = MS-R) to ring around midnight (middle of night = G) (MSGR),

5 The papers (the papers  = the media = MEDI-A) cover up first news (first letter of news = -N-) (MEDINA) of tomb in holy place (MEDINA),

6 Light scattering of baptismal water perhaps (SPRINKLING) in spring (SPRIN-G) covers new boy (new boy = novice = learner = -L-) in family (family = -K-IN-) (SPRINKLING),

7 Appearing to see through (PIERCING) chart (PIE chart) on religious institution (Roman Catholic = -RC-) making gin (gin = -ING) (PIERCING),

13 Route (PATH-) around (-O-) soldier (General = -GEN-) in charge (-IC) (PATHOGENIC) may carry infectious consequences (PATHOGENIC),

14 Natural harbour (BA-Y) overlooking Waterford (-WD-) (BAWDY) is X-rated (X-rated = BAWDY),

16 It’s not nice (HORRIBLE) to back Birr (Birr = -RRIB-) into hole (HO-LE) (HORRIBLE),

17 Really wanting  (D-YING) to cover up one (-I-) snoring (-ZZ-) (DIZZYING) is unsteadying (DIZZING),

19 Intelligence (I-Q-) holding artist (-RA-) is (-IS) (IRAQIS) found in Middle East (IRAQIS),

21 Dave (Dave = ADVE-) upset brother (Br = -RB) coming back (ADVERB) for part of speech (ADVERB),

23 Repetition (ECHO), repetition, repetition (three repetitions = ECHO),

24 Come to grips (COPE) with firm (CO-) exercise (-PE) (COPE).