Crosaire No 15010 by Crossheir – Monday, February 11, 2013

Mon, Feb 11, 2013, 23:55



1 Shake (QUIVER) Stilton from ventriloquist (‘ventriloquist’ without ‘Stilton’ = veriqu = QUIVER),

4 Fanciful loose bet (loose bet = OBSOLETE) no longer an option (OBSOLETE),

9 Defend ourselves against (ANSWER) short response (short response = short answer = ANS-) we (-WE-) get right (-R) (ANSWER),

10 Impressive (impressive = MAJESTIC) for mother (MA-) to find joke (-JEST-) in charge (in charge = -IC) (MAJESTIC),

12 Bit of a cow (RUMP STEAK) is behind (RUMP) with wager (wager = “stake” = “steak” = STEAK) reportedly (RUMP STEAK),

13 Get the feeling (SENSE) Essen (Essen = SENSE) corrupt,

14 Up north (NI = IN-), can (-CAN-) some French (some = -DES-) copper (-CENT) (INCANDESCENT) be extremely angry (INCANDESCENT),

18 Steal a march on (OUTMANOEUVRE) absent (OUT-) Joe (-MAN-) with complete artwork (-OEUVRE) (OUTMANOEUVRE),

21 Initiation into (INTRO) nitro (nitro = INTRO) liquid,

22 On top of chartist? (top of/first part of chartist = chart + top of chart = NUMBER ONE; the remainder of chartist = ist = 1st/first = NUMBER ONE),

24 They advocate fire drill perhaps (GUN LOBBY advocate gun drill) with middle-age (middle of age = G-) peacekeeper (United Nations = -UN) in hotel (LOBBY in hotel) (GUN LOBBY),

25 Me (ME-) and policeman (-DI-) firm (-CO-) (MEDICO) with health care worker (MEDICO),

26 Rearranges (RESTYLES) to take a break (REST-) at end of July (end of July = -Y-) with the French (the = -LES) (RESTYLES),

27 Bookish type follows short direction (please turn over = PTO-) to relative (-SIS) (PTOSIS) with congenital eye condition (PTOSIS).


1 At  (-AT-) one (-I-) in sacred old book (Quran = QU-RA-N) (QUATRAIN) with stanza (QUATRAIN),

2 To such an extent that (INSOMUCH that) it’s so (SO) involved in Munich (Munich = IN-MUCH) development (INSOMUCH),

3 It’s fifty-fifty (EVENS) first lady (EVE-) finds little school (National School = -NS) (EVENS),

5 Does this mean it’s all tax deductable here (BLACK ECONOMY takes away/doesn’t pay tax) for one going off duty (one going off duty = staying away from duty/tax = BLACK ECONOMY),

6 Is a (is a = -ISA-) replacement to die (-DIE-) in obedience (replace ‘die’ with ‘isa’ in obedience = OBEISANCE) with deferential respect (OBEISANCE),

7 Extension (EX-T) covers colour (-TAN-) (EXTANT) still in existence (EXTANT),

8 Get beyond (EXCEED) former boyfriend (EX-) going to Clare (-CE-) with writer (-ED) (EXCEED),

11 Capable of being fixed (DETERMINABLE) to put off (DETER-) a nimble (a nimble = -MINABLE) arrangement (DETERMINABLE),

15 They want to know what makes one nervous (NEUROLOGY) with our money (-EURO-) record (-LOG-) in New York (N-Y) (NEUROLOGY),

16 Keeps it up in air (AVIONICS keeps plane up) in plain view of pilot (electronic equipment = AVIONICS),

17 Mean business? No the opposite (GENEROUS) kind (GENEROUS),

19 That Victor Hugo character (Hunchback of Notre Dame was a bell RINGER) and his doppelganger (RINGER),

20 Holy man (ST-) with writing materials (-INKS) (STINKS) gives the wrong impression perhaps (wrong impression given when something STINKS),

23 Straight up! (ERECT) It’s not flat (ERECT).