Crosaire No 15009 by Crossheir – Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sun, Feb 10, 2013, 23:55



1 Sound heavenly to eat (FOOD FOR THE GODS) in Paris with Diana (Paris and Diana are gods) having champagne and caviar (Paris and Diana having champagne and caviar = FOOD FOR THE GODS),

10 Enjoys a good row (OARSMAN) with one pulling a stroke (OARSMAN),

11 Hold on! (CLING TO) It’s for Klingon reportedly (“klingon” = “cling on” = cling to = CLING TO)

12 Get rid of (DROP) medic (DR-) found in theatre (operation = -OP) (DROP),

13 Cruel (cruel = ULCER) problem found in 8 down perhaps (ULCER perhaps found in stomach / ‘food processor’),

15 Put a belt on (GIRD) cutting remark (GIRD),

17 Clever (SLY) for dearest to leave steelyards (‘steelyards’ without ‘dearest’ = lys = SLY),

19 Appear dashing (RAKISH) as Irish (Irish) drop one (i) (‘Irish’ without ‘i’ = rish = R-ISH) around Alaska (-AK-) (RAKISH),

21 Gets left behind by parents (ORPHAN) with Oliver (ORPHAN),

22 I am (I AM = IAM-) getting on B&I (-BI-) to meet Lewis (CS Lewis = -CS) (IAMBICS) writing in verse (IAMBICS),

23 Pamper (COSSET) firm (CO-) on board (-SS-) for alien (-ET) (COSSET),

25 Half a chance (TOSS-UP) to (TO-) return cat (cat = puss =  -SSUP) (TOSS-UP),

27 Not many (FEW) offering common metal (common metal = iron = FE-) weight (-W) (FEW),

29 After August (SEPT), old Irish clan takes name from sect (SEPT = was used by old Irish or Scottish clans, which takes its name from the word ‘sect’),

30 Iron (FE-) rail (rail) drops individual (i) (‘rail’ without ‘i’ = ral = -RAL) (FERAL) in wild (FERAL),

31 I’m (im = MI-) going back to barman (bar man = -SC) (MISC) for short various items (MISC),

34 Love (O-) orange (orange = -REGANO) stew (OREGANO) found in herb garden (OREGANO),

35 Victor (V-) breaks up riot (riot = – ITRO) after batting (cricket batting = IN) (IN VITRO) in test-tube (IN VITRO),

36 Found in restaurant (FOOD) sharing (RATIONING) (FOOD RATIONING) key to dieting (FOOD RATIONING).


2 Paddle (OAR-) in canal (-LOCK is in canal) (OARLOCK) for 10 across from America (OARLOCK is US word for ‘rowlock’ which is used by 10 across = oarsman),

3 It’s not very nice (it’s a DUMP) of the French (of the = DU-) to approach British politician (-MP) (DUMP),

4 Pass them (FINALS) with gangsters (Al Capone = Al plural = -ALS) after end in Paris (end = FIN-) (FINALS),

5 Surprise (Ho! = HO-) 100 (100 = Roman numeral C = -C-) with answer (-KEY) (HOCKEY) to The Sticks game (game with sticks = HOCKEY),

6 Pat answers (pat answers/replies = GLIB answers) to German (G-) and British politician (Liberal = -LIB) (GLIB),

7 Boxer (DOG-) to drop a line (-FISH) (DOGFISH) to shark (shark = DOGFISH),

8 It’s stomach churning (FOOD PROCESSOR) helping one to break up in kitchen (FOOD PROCESSOR),

9 One presumes he looks for horsemeat (FOOD INSPECTOR) to take away (takeaway = FOOD) Clouseau? (INSPECTOR Clouseau) (FOOD INSPECTOR),

14 Knock the socks off perhaps (CLOBBER) with clothing (CLOBBER),

16 Old (O-) knight (Sir = -SI-R) hiding ecstasy (-E-) (OSIER) in willow (OSIER),

18 Offspring (-SON) follows artist (RA = AR-) back (ARSON) to illegal blaze (ARSON),

20 Goes on ahead (HAT) a bit away from Habitat (‘habitat’ missing ‘a bit’ = hat = HAT),

21 Follows 29 across (follows Sept = OCT) before start of November (OCT),

24 Big fella (SUPREMO) makes soup (soup = SUP-O) circling about (-RE-) Frenchman (Monsieur = -M) (SUPREMO),

26 Love (SMITTEN) to return manuscript (ms = SM-) and net (net = -TEN) around it (-IT-) (SMITTEN),

27 Association (Football Association = F-A) admits Rome (Rome = -EMOR-) reversal (FEMORA) in two legs (FEMORA),

28 Looking back, it (IT = -TI) got Indian Pale Ale (Indian Pale Ale = IPA = -API-) and whiskey (W-) (WAPITI) for stag (stag/deer = WAPITI),

32 Gave money (PAID) to old man (PA-) for the papers (identity/identification papers = -ID) (PAID),

33 Baker perhaps (OVEN) cooks someone’s goose (OVEN).