Crosaire No 15008 by Crossheir – Friday, February 8, 2013

Fri, Feb 8, 2013, 23:55



8 Voters leave observations (‘observations’ without ‘voters’ = obsain = BOSNIA) of troubled state in Europe (BOSNIA),

9 Puts the fear of God into (FRIGHTEN) the end of the week (FRI-) building Ghent (Ghent = -GHTEN) (FRIGHTEN),

10 Your old self (-THY) after a (A-) (ATHY) place in Kildare (ATHY),

11 Made happy (happy = AP-YPH-) admitting zero (-O-) credit (-CR-) for gangster (-AL) (APOCRYPHAL) with ready-up thought to be true (APOCRYPHAL),

12 Postscript (P-S-) covers American city (-LA-) close to mother (-MA) (PLASMA) offering blood supply (PLASMA),

14 Doctor (MEDI-C-) admits nothing (-O-) close to religious education (-RE) (MEDIOCRE) is unremarkable (MEDIOCRE),

15 Carrying (STOCKING) useless pieces in papers (FILLERS) (STOCKING FILLERS) for seasonal small gifts (STOCKING FILLERS),

18 This could be the death of you (FOUL PLAY) in dirty match (FOUL PLAY),

20 Got back with girlfriend after row (MADE UP) in 11 across (= apocryphal = fictitious = MADE UP),

22 A (A-) column (-STRING-) on net (net = -ENT) transformation (ASTRINGENT) leaves sharp bitter taste (ASTRINGENT),

24 Clare (C-E) admits Alaska (-AK-) (CAKE) holds candles (CAKE),

25 Carries one note (JEW’S HARP) to Israelis (JEWS) with our emblem (Irish emblem = HARP) (JEW’S HARP),

26 Serbia (Serbia = RABIES) misrepresented as bad state for dogs (RABIES).


1 Not alive in Paris (dead = MORT-) to Alan (-AL) (MORTAL) with earthling (MORTAL),

2 Just (ONLY) no (no = ON-) coming back to river in Cork (lee = -LY) reportedly (ONLY),

3 Old lady (MA-) gets surprise (Ha! = -HA-) rebuilding Iran (Iran = -RANI) (MAHARANI) for Indian widow (MAHARANI),

4 First letter (A-) to father (-FR-) and Oscar (-O) (AFRO) is a cut above the rest perhaps (AFRO hair style),

5 Turns up at home (IN = NI-) with address for gentleman (-MR-) backing party (do = -OD) (NIMROD) for Biblical hunter (NIMROD),

6 Water damaged (SHOP-SOILED) ship (S-S-) admits spring (spring = -HOP-) covered in grease (covered in grease = -OILED) (SHOP-SOILED),

7 It’s about (RE-) that couple (-PAIR) in hospital (-ER) (REPAIRER) with handyman (REPAIRER),

13 A religious (areligious  = SECULAR-) school of thought (set of beliefs = ism = -ISM) (SECULARISM) in Church’s Place (SECULARISM rejects religion),

14 It’s close (MUGGY) to my (M-Y) boxing union leader (leader of union = -U-) on horse (-GG-) (MUGGY),

16 Do hotels (do hotels = TOOL SHED) confuse place for hammer and sickle perhaps? (TOOL SHED),

17 Undeveloped (IMMATURE) Dublin museum (IMMA-) finds true (true = -TURE) build (IMMATURE),

19 Stroke (LINE-) for artist (RA = -AR) returning (LINEAR) to straight and narrow (LINEAR),

21 Unionist (U-) to have a look (-P-EEP) around weekend (end of week = -K-) (UPKEEP) for support (UPKEEP),

23 Former girlfriend (EX-) finds flower (flower = river = -PO) (EXPO) for little display (exposition = EXPO),

24 Cycle (C-) to bus (bus = -UBS) disturbance (CUBS) with little scouts (CUBS).