Crosaire No 15007 by Crossheir – Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thu, Feb 7, 2013, 23:55



1 Grumpy person (GROUCH) gives little weight (gram = gr = GR-) to exclamation of pain (-OUCH) (GROUCH),

4 Measure (EM-) section (-BIT-) for Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE-) having registered (-R) (EMBITTER) cause to feel resentful (EMBITTER),

9 Little change (change/coins = SPECIE) out of European commission (-EC-) following speculation (starting price = SP-) on Irish address (Irish domain address =  -IE) (SPECIE),

10 Girl (ANN-) toying (toying) without end product (end of product = t) (‘toying’ without ‘t’ = oying = -OYING) (ANNOYING) getting on nerves (ANNOYING),

12 Up north (NI = IN-), trainee reporter (-CUB-) approaches a (-A-) hill (-TOR) (INCUBATOR) in controlled environment (INCUBATOR),

13 Holds water back (D-AM) around about (-RE-) (DREAM) time Ireland won world cup! (DREAM),

14 Compassion (HEART) for lack of success (FAILURE) (HEART FAILURE) isn’t going to affect tin man initially (Wizard of Oz tin man hasn’t got a heart initially and therefore can’t have HEART FAILURE),

18 Cast (THROW) for a jelly (a jelly = A WOBBLY)? (THROW A WOBBLY) That’s the same as a tantrum (THROW A WOBBLY),

21 Grant to (ALLOT) get the whole of (ALL-) old book (old book = Bible = Old Testament = -OT) (ALLOT),

22 Continued to work (PRESSED ON) in media (PRESS-) with journalist (-ED) aboard (ON) (PRESSED ON),

24 What Bunny looks like (rabbit has ears that droop = LOP-EARED) with long stride (lope = LOP-E-) to a (-A-) revolutionary (-RED) (LOP-EARED),

25 Gung-ho (UPBEAT) in favour of (UP-) Garda route (-BEAT) (UPBEAT),

26 Lumber (WOOD-) that girl (-SHE) with Penny (-D) (WOODSHED) in housing to add fuel to fire (WOODSHED),

27 March away from McCarthyism (‘McCarthyism’ without ‘march’ =  ctyism = MYSTIC) with spiritualist (MYSTIC).


1 Funny (GAS-) master (master = leading light = -LIGHT) (GASLIGHT) provides old way of seeing things (GASLIGHT),

2 It’s nothing (O-) to return father (Rev = -VER-) with film (film = -COAT) (OVERCOAT) found in artist’s studio perhaps (an OVERCOAT of paint OR wear an OVERCOAT / smock),

3 Get over (CLIMB) branch (-LIMB) hanging behind Charlie (C-) (CLIMB),

5 It’s still sometimes (MINERAL WATER is still or sparkling) found bottled-up (MINERAL WATER),

6 As a means to (IN ORDER TO) upset editor and Ron (editor + Ron= IN ORDER TO),

7 Square (T-square = T-) holds things together (-RIVET) (TRIVET) provided it protects work space (TRIVET protects surface from hot dish),

8 It’s about (RE-) fighter (US soldier = GI = -GI-) getting to me (-ME) (REGIME) in system (REGIME),

11 Above all, (STRATOSPHERE is above all/highest level of something such as a profession) it’s street (ST-) for artist (-RA-) going to (-TO-) ball (-SPHERE) (STRATOSPHERE),

15 Polynesians (TAHITIANS) in the end, sat (sat = TA-S) back down on wild tahini  (tahini = -HITIAN-) (TAHITIANS),

16 Respectful (OBEDIENT) for Oscar (O-) to be (-BE-) first person (-I-) caught in depression (-D-ENT) (OBEDIENT),

17 Sleep inducing watching the clock (HYPNOTIC) with sedative (HYPNOTIC),

19 Shopping centre in New York (MALL-) has nothing (-O-) for women (-W) (MALLOW) in Cork (MALLOW is in Cork),

20 Around (O-) Longford (-LD), river (P-O) swallows republican (-R-) (OLD PRO) with senior swinger in clubhouse (OLD PRO),

23 So (SO-) father (-PP-), Fourth of July (fourth letter of July = -Y) (SOPPY) is very sentimental? (SOPPY).