Crosaire No 15006 by Crossheir – Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wed, Feb 6, 2013, 23:55



1 Serial (serial = ISRAEL) developed in Middle East (ISRAEL),

4 Person from Glasgow (SCOT-) falls on the house (-FREE) (SCOT-FREE) without a scratch (SCOT-FREE),

9 Holy man (ST-) returns thanks (ta = -AT-) to you and me (-US) (STATUS) for place in community (STATUS),

10 Orchestrates movement (SYMPHONY) at firm (firm = company = co) leaving cosy (cosy) (‘cosy’ without ‘co’ = sy = SY-) Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) with charlatan (-PHONY) (SYMPHONY),

12 It’s about (RE-) keeping quiet (SIL-ENT) with one (-I-) (RESILIENT) be strong (RESILIENT),

13 Russell (AE = EA-) comes back to Lawrence (-TE-) for right (-R) (EATER) person in restaurant (EATER),

14 Neighbourhood watch noise pollution (BURGLAR ALARM) to stop thief?  (BURGLAR ALARM),

18 Dealer (MERCHANT) comes across labourer (labourer = navvy) with no neck (V-neck = ‘v’) (‘navvy’ without ‘v’ = navy = NAVY) (MERCHANT NAVY) for enterprise at sea (MERCHANT NAVY),

21 Sits away from humanists (‘humanists’ without ‘sits’ = human = HUMAN) with flesh and blood (HUMAN),

22 Awful gorilla (gorilla = ALLIG-OR) clutches at (-AT-) (ALLIGATOR) swamp creature (ALLIGATOR),

24 One ban (ban = BAR-) after another (-BAR-) I see (-IC) (BARBARIC) is really primitive (BARBARIC),

25 Powerfully built (STRONG) holy man (ST-) wrong (wrong) to drop women (w) (‘wrong’ without ‘w’ = rong = -RONG) (STRONG),

26 It’s the foundation (foundation/central stone supports the rest = KEYSTONE) for crucial (KEY-) one (-ONE) at end of street (-ST-) (KEYSTONE),

27 Old prayer (ORISON) provides alternative (OR-) to first person (-I-) with child (-SON) (ORISON).


1 Sign (INSCRIBE) up north (NI = IN-) for reporter (-SCRIBE) (INSCRIBE),

2 Set someone’s mind at rest (REASSURE) with odd-looking ears (ears = REAS-) for certain (-SURE) (REASSURE),

3 The same as (EQUAL) European (E-) old world game (old world quail) without number one (i) (‘quail’ without ‘i’ – qual = -QUAL) (EQUAL),

5 For future references (CRYSTAL BALLS), Waterford glass (CRYSTAL) found at Croke Park (BALLS) (CRYSTAL BALLS),

6 Concealed (-SECRET) after upturned pot (pot = TOP-) (TOP-SECRET) hides mole’s adventures (TOP-SECRET),

7 Settlements for birds (ROOSTS) with places to sleep (ROOSTS),

8 Place in Dublin (Ely Place = ELY-) close to Irish beach (beach = -TRA) (ELYTRA) provides beetle wings (ELYTRA),

11 It never goes up (DEPRECIATION) in crash (DEPRECIATION),

15 Purgatory perhaps (LIE IN WAIT) is an invention (LIE) at home (IN) to hold one’s horses (WAIT) (LIE IN WAIT),

16 At loggerheads (FACTIOUS) with piece of information (FACT-) attached to notes acknowledging debts (IOUs = -IOUS) (FACTIOUS),

17 It’s great gas (HYDROGEN) for egg producer (H-EN) admitting dry (dry = -YDR-) mixture to go (go = -OG-) back (HYDROGEN),

19 Resistance (R-) to that man (-HE-) with book (book) missing nothing (o) (‘book’ missing ‘o’ = bok = -BOK) (RHEBOK) for antelope (RHEBOK antelope),

20 Sweet isn’t it (SMARTY), being clever (SMART-) at end of July? (end of July = -Y) (SMARTY),

23 Found at the end of 22 across (= alligator = GATOR) for what it is in short (alligator also known as a GATOR).