Crosaire No 15005 by Crossheir – Tuesday, February 5 2013

Tue, Feb 5, 2013, 23:55



8 Answers to sea captain (SAILOR answers to sea captain) behind soldier (“Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor …”  = behind “soldier” = SAILOR),

9 Spy (spy = M-OLE-) swallows article (-A-) on you and me (-US-) with a (-A) (MAUSOLEA) number of dead ends (MAUSOLEA = building for dead bodies/tombs),

10 Little woman (Jo in Little Women = J-O) shelters return of the French (of the = DU = -UD-) (JUDO) fighting in Tokyo (JUDO),

11 Northern order (ORANGE order) to exercise (physical exercise = PE-) the Spanish (the = -EL) (ORANGE PEEL) with zest (ORANGE PEEL),

12 One (1 = I/i) enemy (enemy) freely (i+enemy = YEMENI) found in Arabian peninsula (YEMENI),

14 Became a barman in London (London bar man = Queen’s Counsel = TOOK SILK) to hear description of robbery (someone TOOK SILK),

15 Peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) on diet (-PARLIAMENT) served up ray (ray = -ARY) (UNPARLIAMENTARY) contrary to house rules (UNPARLIAMENTARY),

18 In a way, item (item = EM-TI-) covers nothing (-O-) to do with fool (-CON) (EMOTICON) with funny face in email (smiley ☺ = EMOTICON),

20 Provoke (ENRAGE) short measure (EN-) to make fun of (-RAG-) Egyptian leader (leader of Egyptian = -E) (ENRAGE),

22 No remorse for antisocial behaviour (PSYCHOPATH) on road to Bates Motel perhaps (road to Bates motel in Psycho perhaps = psycho path = PSYCHOPATH),

24 Barman (bar man = BL = L-B) returns over the morning (-AM-) (LAMB) for Sunday dinner perhaps (LAMB),

25 Excitable (SKITTISH) to travel on snow (SKI-) with spoiled bird (tit = -TTI-) to call for silence (Sh! = -SH) (SKITTISH),

26 In other words, no dole (no dole = NOODLE) for local fool (NOODLE).


1 Partner (mate = MAT-E) admits old city (-UR-) (MATURE) is not for adolescent (MATURE),

2 In addition (ALSO), helping to leave Anglophiles (‘Anglophiles’ without ‘helping’ = alos = ALSO),

3 Provide weapon (ARM-) to hit duck (-O-) by lair (lair = -RIAL) returning (ARMORIAL) with knight’s stuff (ARMORIAL),

4 In the end, accounts (AC = -CA) for my (my = YM-) return (YMCA) to welfare movement (YMCA),

5 Eager (GUNG-HO) to arm (GUN-) German leader (leader of German = -G-) with expression of surprise (Ho! = -HO) (GUNG-HO),

6 Mulch (COMPOS-T-) over first person (-I-) or (-OR) (COMPOSITOR) typesetter (COMPOSITOR),

7 Occasionally puts battery in watch (JEWELLER) for one into The Stones (a JEWELLER deals with precious stones or jewellery),

13 Good at a stretch (ELASTICITY), the Spanish (the = EL-) sparkling wine (-ASTI-) hits town (-CITY) (ELASTICITY),

14 Study (TRAIN) by Irish beach (beach = TRA-) at home (-IN) (TRAIN),

16 Called after (called after = NAMESAKE) for celebrity (NAME-) connecting African country (-SA-) with Kildare (-KE)? (NAMESAKE),

17 The plane (the plane = ELEPHANT) damaged a Jumbo (jumbo = ELEPHANT),

19 It’s usually tough (a tough COOKIE) on computer browser (a COOKIE can be placed on computer when browsing websites),

21 Put your money where your mouth is (GAMBLE) at 1.50pm perhaps? (1.50pm = ten to one = 10/1 = GAMBLE),

23 Adult (A-) provides revolutionary (-CHE) (ACHE) with prolonged discomfort (ACHE),

24 Draw attention (Lo! = LO-) to short agreement (okay = -OK) (LOOK) of style (LOOK).