Crosaire No 15004 by Crossheir – Monday, February 4, 2013

Mon, Feb 4, 2013, 23:55



8 By arrangement, parcel (parcel = PLACER) found at bottom of river (PLACER = a deposit of sand/gravel on river bed that might hold valuable minerals),

9 Town in Wicklow (AVOCA-) parties (Dos = -DOS) (AVOCADOS) with alligator pears (AVOCADOS),

10 Catch sigh of (ESPY) phishing tool perhaps (phishing tool = online defrauding = e spy = ESPY),

11 The main course (main course = NON-STARTER) that has no chance of success (NON-STARTER),

12 Artist (RA-) goes to bed and breakfast (B&B = -BB-) for the French (the = -LE) (RABBLE) crowd (RABBLE),

14 Final performance (SWAN SONG) of Freebird perhaps (SWAN SONG),

15 Trade (MARKET) growing concern (GARDENING) producing vegetables for profit (MARKET GARDENING),

18 Article (-AN) on aggressive dog (CUR-) in bed (BE- -D) (BEAN CURD) with tofu (BEAN CURD),

20 Carries war chest perhaps (personal assistant to army officer = BATMAN) for fly-by-night (BAT-) picking up Joe (-MAN) (BATMAN),

22 Is (-IS-) caught up in day (DA-Y) on train (train = CHAIN) (DAISY CHAIN) with garland of flowers (DAISY CHAIN),

24 Obscure rope (rope = PORE) useful for getting under someone’s skin (PORE),

25 Cold (C-) lad (-LAD-) finds dent on car (-DING) (CLADDING) in house coat (coating on house = CLADDING) perhaps,

26 I am (I’m =IM-) going to model (model = -POSE) (IMPOSE) for force (IMPOSE).


1 As (-AS-) for mother (-MA) hiding behind place (PL-)? (PLASMA) It’s in her blood (PLASMA is in the blood),

2 It’s very sentimental (ICKY) for Vicky (Vicky) missing sign (Victory sign = v) (‘vicky” missing ‘v’ = icky = ICKY),

3 Most outspoken (FRANKEST), to be honest (FRANK-), that time in Canada (Eastern Standard Time is in most provinces of Canada = EST = -EST) (FRANKEST),

4 Proust leaves purgations (‘purgations’ without ‘Proust’ = gain = GAIN) for profit (GAIN),

5 Internet tax collector (Revenue On Line = ROS-) returns art (art = -TRA) (ROSTRA) in stages (stages = rostrums or ROSTRA),

6 Bungled across (across = SACROS-) article (-A-) on car test (-NCT) (SACROSANCT) that’s untouchable (SACROSANCT),

7 Highlight (HOME IN ON) domestic (domestic = HOME) up north (NI = IN) getting on (ON) (HOME IN ON),

13 What banker does (banking) without mid-morning (middle of morning = n) (‘banking’ without ‘n’ = baking = BAKING) drink (SODA) for a rise (BAKING SODA),

14 Call for silence (Sh! = SH-) before artist (RA = -AR-) returns diamonds (-D) (SHARD) with piece of broken glass (SHARD),

16 Last word (AMEN-) for first victim (Abel = -ABLE) we hear (AMENABLE) in co-operative (AMENABLE),

17 Confident and stylish (DEBONAIR) making her first appearance (debutant = DEB-) on the radio (on air = -ONAIR) (DEBONAIR),

19 Made run (run = UR-N) over Greek letter (-CHI-) (URCHIN) for rascal (rascal = URCHIN),

21 Say thanks (ta = AT) in return for holiday (REST) (AT REST) in dead end (AT REST),

23 Cocaine (c) missing from shipment (shipment = ‘cargo’ missing ‘c’ = argo = ARGO) in old Greek boat (ARGO was ship in Greek mythology used by Jason and the Argonauts),

24 Has great expectations (Dickens’ Pip has Great Expectations = PIP-) for engineering (-E) (PIPE) channel for water (PIPE).