Crosaire No 15003 by Crossheir – Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sun, Feb 3, 2013, 23:55



1 Hello (LONG TIME NO SEE) said to hide-and-go-seek champion 1967 to 2013 (LONG TIME NO SEE),

10 Does this mean the Garda band is out of tune (OFFBEAT) and not at work? (OFF BEAT),

11 Rocky peak (TOR-) exercise (physical exercise = -PE-) at party (-DO) (TORPEDO) will sink you in water (TORPEDO),

12 Forevermore (forever = for GOOD) glad to hear it (GOOD),

13 Ready for battle (ARMED) in hopeless dream (dream = ARMED),

15 Smart appearance (TRIG) taught shortly in school (TRIG short for trigonometry taught in school),

17 First letter (a) missing from Irish name (Irish name = ‘anam’ missing ‘a’ = -NAM) in old war zone (Vietnam = NAM),

19 Casual work (ODD JOB) peeling spuds with a spoon? (ODD JOB),

21 Detective (-PI-) picked up in Mayo (Mayo = -MYO-A) deranged (MYOPIA) within eyeshot (MYOPIA),

22 Rap (MUSIC-) for gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (MUSICAL) with guys and dolls (Guys and Dolls MUSICAL),

23 Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE-) made rest (rest = -STER) (TESTER) by examiner (TESTER),

25 Point made (TOUCHE said in fencing to acknowledge a hit OR in a discussion acknowledge a point of view) in 27 down (= Gotcha = point made = TOUCHE) perhaps,

27 Laughable (GAS) to ask for this at station in America (GAS is petrol at petrol station in America),

29 It’s not unusual (it’s the NORM) in short morning (short ‘morning’ = morn = NORM) break,

30 Charges (COSTS) asking price (COST-) for sulphur (-S) (COSTS),

31 Under the weather (-ILL) behind director (D-) (DILL) in herb garden (DILL),

34 Foreign article (LA-) on trick (-CON-) I see (-IC) (LACONIC) is brief (LACONIC),

35 Newspaper (ORGAN-) in charge (-IC) (ORGANIC) of farming practice (ORGANIC),

36 Dragged out (LONG-) to follow (-TAIL-) writer (-ED) to bird (TIT) (LONG-TAILED TIT) with flyer (LONG-TAILED TIT).


2 Get rid of (OFFLOAD) what doesn’t smell right (OFF-) to pack (-LOAD) (OFFLOAD),

3 Midnight (middle of night = G-) flower in Cork (a flower = a river = river Lee = -LEE) (GLEE) for Joy (GLEE),

4 Up north (NI = IN-), rent (rent = -TERN) way out (INTERN) for apprentice (INTERN),

5 Coming back, meets (meets = -STEEM) sweetheart (heart of sweet = E-) (ESTEEM), in high regard (ESTEEM),

6 Paddles (OARS) duck (O-) to artist (RA = -AR-) returning to starboard (-S) (OARS),

7 Sounds like what I do when parachuting (“I drop” sounds like “eye drop” = EYE DROP) with visual aid (EYE DROP),

8 Yearn for (LONG for) missing (LOST) relative (UNCLE) (LONG-LOST UNCLE) on family leave perhaps (LONG-LOST UNCLE),

9 Sounds like Sherlock hasn’t solved inquiry (LONG CASE) on time (CLOCK) (LONGCASE CLOCK) with granddad’s timepiece (grandfather clock = LONGCASE CLOCK),

14 They welcome pleasure crafts (MARINAS) in March (MAR-) in (-IN-) backward African country (SA = -AS) (MARINAS),

16 Party (DO-) on nice beachfront (Nice beachfront = -MED)? (DOMED) Like the Rotunda (the Rotunda is DOMED),

18 Nationalist (N-) only (only = -YLON) makes a mess (NYLON) of material (NYLON),

20 Burmese leader (leader of Burmese = B-) goes to old city (-UR) (BUR) for flower head that clings to clothing (BUR),

21 Where one finds the key under (MAT) coaster (MAT),

24 Knight (SIR-) and officer (officer commanding = -OC-) firm (firm = company = -CO-) (SIROCCO) with wind blowing from Africa (SIROCCO),

26 Sounds like important relative (“key auntie” sounds like CHIANTI) drinking wine in Tuscany (CHIANTI),

27 Said in tearoom (got cha = GOTCHA) word-perfect for police to robber (GOTCHA),

28 Holy man (ST-) with good luck (on a roll = -ROLL) (STROLL) in turn in park (STROLL),

32 Sung (sung = SNUG) badly in old place in bar (SNUG),

33 Getting on (AGED), nerd left deranged (‘deranged’ without ‘nerd’ = aged = AGED).