Crosaire No 15002 by Crossheir – Friday, February 1, 2013

Fri, Feb 1, 2013, 23:55



1 Barely touch (TIP OFF) clue (TIP-) – it’s not on (-OFF) (TIP OFF),

4 Squander (MISSPEND) to avoid (MISS-) writer (-PEN-) going to delta (delta = -D) (MISSPEND),

9 Street (AVENUE) leading to a (A-) stadium (-VENUE) (AVENUE),

10 Deliberately destroy (SABOTAGE) for clog (SABOT-) generation (-AGE) (SABOTAGE),

12 Sharing (sharing = SHANGRI-) arrangement with American city (-LA) (SHANGRI-LA) leads to a Hilton utopia (SHANGRI-LA  = a Tibetan utopia in James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon),

13 Loses right (r) to be soul mate (friend) (‘friend’ without ‘r’ – fiend = FIEND) of devil (FIEND),

14 Puts someone right (PRESCRIPTION puts someone right) with direction to pharmacist (PRESCRIPTION),

18 Sounds like golf course supervisor (FIELD MARSHAL) with top gun in the barracks (FIELD MARSHAL),

21 Oscar (O-) and Margaret (-MEG-) get first letter (-A) (OMEGA) with last letter in old Athens (OMEGA),

22 The very best (the BEE’S KNEES) honey producers (bees = BEE’S) go on benders  (benders = KNEES) (BEE’S KNEES),

24 Row (row = WOR-) back to unusual riser (riser = -RIERS) (WORRIERS) with those suffering from stress (WORRIERS),

25 It’s not obvious (COVERT) to put cloth over (COVER-) tea (-T) (COVERT),

26 Magi perhaps (WISE GUYS) involved in secret society (Mafia are known as WISE GUYS),

27 Was inflamed (HEATED) as he (HE-) put away (-ATE-) diamonds (-D) (HEATED).


1 Troop leader (leader of troop = T-) managed (-RAN-) to get to September (-SEPT) (TRANSEPT) provided space in church (TRANSEPT),

2 All set (PREPARED) to put pressure (P-) on golf score (-PAR-) in grass (-RE-ED) (PREPARED),

3 Threw (FLUNG) air bag (-LUNG) behind fighter plane (F-) (FLUNG),

5 Cross (IN A BAD TEMPER) at home (IN) has a (A) substandard (BAD) short fuse  (TEMPER) (IN A BAD TEMPER),

6 Sikh leader (leader of Sikh = S-) to jump (-HOP) level (FLOOR) (SHOP FLOOR) for the workers (SHOP FLOOR),

7 Finish (ENAMEL) with long swimmer (E-EL) ringing Vietnam (-NAM-) (ENAMEL),

8 Be anxious about (DREADS) policeman (D-S) hiding religious education (-RE-) advertisement (-AD-) (DREADS),

11 Polite (CIVIL) independence (LIBERTY) (CIVIL LIBERTY) for the good of the community (CIVIL LIBERTY),

15 Sophisticated (CHIC-) article (-AN-) on gin (gin = -ING) cocktail (CHICANING) leads to old form of cheating (CHICANING),

16 It’s most transparent (SHEEREST) for that woman (SHE-) to go to Spain (-E-) to relax (-REST) (SHEEREST),

17 Shut up (CLOSETED)! It’s a stone’s throw (CLOSE-) to Edward (-TED) (CLOSETED),

19 Yield to (BOW-) holy cow (holy cow! = Wow! = -WOW) (BOW-WOW) with child’s dog (BOW-WOW),

20 Zionist leader (leader of Zionist = Z-) bares (bares = -EBRAS) new form (ZEBRAS) of wild horses (ZEBRAS),

23 Ronald (-RON-) caught in Kildare (K-E) (KRONE) with foreign currency (KRONE).