Crosaire No 15001 by Crossheir – Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thu, Jan 31, 2013, 23:55



8 Say thanks (TA-) to attract attention (-HI-) coming back in (in = -NI) (TAHINI) with Middle Eastern paste (TAHINI),

9 Next two letters from Dee (“Dee” = “D” + next two letters after ‘D’ = EF-) reportedly have a good command of (-FLUENT) (EFFLUENT) what goes to waste (EFFLUENT),

10 Scholar (BA-) meets medic (Dr = -RD) coming back (BARD) with poet (BARD),

11 Member of Ray family (SKATE-) gets meals (gets board = -BOARD) (SKATEBOARD) on wheels for the kids (SKATEBOARD),

12 Personal pocket library perhaps (Amazon KINDLE) is helpful to (KIND-) the French  (the = -LE) (KINDLE),

14 Contradict (DISPROVE) Sidney (Sid = DIS-) returning in favour of (-PRO-) European victory (Victory in Europe = -VE) (DISPROVE),

15 Article (THE) asks for money (BEG-S) admitting freshwater fish (-GAR-) is for Tommy (Tommy rock opera = OPERA) (THE BEGGAR’S OPERA) and Oliver perhaps (Dickens’ Oliver Twist musical perhaps = THE BEGGAR’S OPERA),

18 Firm (CO-) with gangster (Al Capone = -AL-) to look at (-FACE) (COALFACE) where all the essential work is done (COALFACE),

20 Eat away at (FESTER) figure (figure = fee = FE-E-) covering road (-ST-) to rebel leader (leader of rebel = -R) (FESTER),

22 Champion (VICTOR-) God-fearing (pious) without pressure (p) (‘pious’ without ‘p’ = -IOUS) (VICTORIOUS) to be triumphant (VICTORIOUS),

24 Express surprise (Ho! = HO-) at exercise (physical education = -PE) (HOPE) not lost in pessimism (HOPE is not lost in pessimism),

25 In a way, it’s (its = -T SI-) beside Dublin (-D-) in comfort (comfort = ease = EAS -E) (EAST SIDE) by Wicklow’s coastal direction (EAST SIDE),

26 Sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB-) finds you and me (you and me = us = -SU-) returning on street (-RD) (ABSURD) preposterous (ABSURD).


1 Queen (Q-) returns thanks (ta = -AT-) to first (-A-) Irish king (king = -RI) (QATARI), found in Middle East (QATARI),

2 Frequent flyer (BIRD) obsessed with Twitter perhaps (BIRD),

3 Carol (sing = GINS-) comes back with Arctic shipping company perhaps (-BERG) GINSBERG) to beat poet (beat poet Allen GINSBERG),

4 School head (head of school = S-) finds time (-ERA) (SERA) giving bloods in hospital (transfusions can be blood serum/plasma + plural of serum = SERA),

5 Subsequent to the wedding (AFTERS)? It’s faster (faster = AFTERS) that way,

6 Gives one’s name (AUTOGRAPHS) to cars (AUTO-S) going around bar (bar graph = -GRAPH-) (AUTOGRAPHS),

7 Puts someone’s name on (ENGRAVER) small measurement (EN-) to last place (-GRAVE-) registered (registered trade mark = ® = -R) (ENGRAVER),

13 Make weak (DEBILITATE) argument (DEB-ATE) over one (-I-) light in the past (light in past = lit = -LIT-) (DEBILITATE),

14 Bird in water (DRAKE) died (D-) for Playboy (-RAKE) (DRAKE),

16 Barman (bar man = sc) leaves school (school) (‘school’ without ‘sc’ = hool = HOOL=) to gain (gain = -IGAN) redress (HOOLIGAN) from ruffian (HOOLIGAN),

17 Cajole (SOFT-SOAP) easy-going (SOFT-) sort found in bathroom (-SOAP) (SOFT-SOAP),

19 First letter (A-) to father (-FR-) gets backing (-AID) (AFRAID) for chicken (AFRAID),

21 Former girlfriend (EX-) impudent (-PERT) (EXPERT) with authority (EXPERT),

23 River (Po = OP-) flows back taking writer (-ED) (OP-ED) with page in newspaper (OP-ED),

24 Owner of (HAS-) port (-P) (HASP) party to lock-in perhaps (part of lock = HASP).