Crosaire No 15000 by Crossheir – Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wed, Jan 30, 2013, 23:55



1 Up north (NI = IN), amuse oneself (PLAY) (IN PLAY) with bet during match for instance (bet IN PLAY),

4 It only gives you a few minutes in the kitchen (EGG TIMER) to drive on (EGG on) against the clock (TIMER) (EGG TIMER),

9 Dotty old Poe (old Poe = POODLE) has a dog’s life (POODLE),

10 Lain (lain = IN-AL) foolishly across river plant (-FERN-) (INFERNAL) in hell (INFERNAL),

12 It’s the brown envelope (SWEETNER), Sugar (SWEETENER),

13 Mam leaves army worm (‘army worm’ without ‘mam’ = rywor = WORRY) to stew (WORRY),

14 Where one finishes up (END OF THE LINE) at terminus (END OF THE LINE),

18 Woman walks on (STILETTO HEEL) short dagger (STILETTO) with crust (HEEL) (STILETTO HEEL),

21 Before noon (AM-) one (-I-) comes across call for silence (Sh! = -SH) (AMISH) in strict religious persuasion (AMISH),

22 Sounds like one won’t find insect here (NO-FLY ZONE) in restricted area (NO-FLY ZONE),

24 Before the final (SEMI-) reproduce yarn (yarn = -NARY) (SEMINARY) in student accommodation for expectant fathers (SEMINARY),

25 It’s the spit (SALIVA) of Sally (SAL-) travelling through a place (via = -IVA) in a way (SALIVA),

26 Spun out twisted yarn (type of material = SERGE) to join worker (-ANT) (SERGEANT) in the army (SERGEANT),

27 Device (-TOOL-) in ship (S-S) (STOOLS) for sitting on (STOOLS).


1 I’m (IM-) to get position (-POST-) in hospital (-ER) (IMPOSTER) for quack (IMPOSTER),

2 What one raises (PROCEEDS) in favour of (PRO-) Clare (-CE-) and writers (writers/editors = -EDS) (PROCEEDS),

3 Give out to (ALLOT) American city (LA = AL-) returning old man who loves salty type  (Lot’s wife turns to a pillar of salt = -LOT) (ALLOT),

5 Fight promoters perhaps (GENERAL STAFF assist military officers to plan operations/war) get universal (GENERAL) stick? (STICK) (GENERAL STAFF),

6 Make tea (tea = TAE) for one (“one” = “won” = -WON) say, behind weekend (end of week = K-) party (DO) (TAE KWON DO) fighting in Korea (TAE KWON DO),

7 Manchester United (Man U = MANU-) in this matter (-RE) (MANURE) is good for the roses (MANURE),

8 Broadcasts (RELAYS) races on track (RELAYS),

11 It happens eventually (IN THE LONG RUN) during the marathon (IN THE LONG RUN),

15 It’s really unlikely (FAT CHANCE) it oils the chips (FAT) for lady luck (CHANCE) (FAT CHANCE),

16 Indian (GERONIMO) microorganism (GER-M-) contains blood group (-O-) with nickel (-NI-) ring (-O) (GERONIMO),

17 Noisy birds (BLUE JAYS) down (BLUE) to say yes in Berlin (yes = JA-) missing point (compass point east = e) for yes in London (yes) (‘yes’ missing ‘e’ = ys = -YS) (BLUE JAYS),

19 Makes ones way by (PASSES) park (P-) with donkeys (-ASSES) (PASSES),

20 Turns down the light (DIMMER) returning mid (mid = DIM-) dream sequence (REM = -MER) (DIMMER),

23 Gets a rise (YEAST) from positive response (YEA-) on street (-ST) (YEAST).