Crosaire No 14999 by Crossheir – Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tue, Jan 29, 2013, 23:55



8 Old Roman official (tribune) loses bottle opener (opener/first letter of bottle = b) (‘tribune’ loses ‘b’ = triune = TRIUNE) in Trinity (Trinity = three in one = TRIUNE),

9 At last, turns up had (had = -DAH) identification (ID = -DI-) for Harold (Harold = Hal = LAH-) (LAH-DI-DAH) sounding so pretentious (LAH-DI-DAH),

10 Go up in smoke (BURN) a little away from bullet train (‘bullet train’ without ‘a little’ burn = BURN),

11 Barman (bar man = SC-) gets two types of music (rap + metal = -RAP METAL) (SCRAP METAL) that doesn’t necessarily go to waste (SCRAP METAL),

12 Smooth notes (LEGATO) from foreign article (LE-) on pistol (-GAT-) going around (-O) (LEGATO),

14 Did (DID-) arrive on Arctic (Arctic) without right (r) (‘arctic’ without ‘r’ = actic = -ACTIC) (DIDACTIC) to be excessively informative (DIDACTIC),

15 Now (FOR THE TIME BEING) is this a matter of life and death? (FOR THE TIME BEING),

18 Sounds more or less like red wood (red wood = big “tree” = “three” = BIG THREE) leads to Father, Son and Holy Spirit (BIG THREE),

20 In the end, Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE = -ET) returns old German capital (BONN-) (BONNET) found on top of car (BONNET),

22 Like (AS) baby in womb (EXPECTED) (AS EXPECTED), it goes to plan (AS EXPECTED),

24 They listen to the barmen (JURY) provided foreman speaks for them (foreman speaks for JURY)

25 Sounds like Hollywood (“Hollywood” = “Holywood” = town in Down / a Down town = DOWNTOWN) in the centre of Los Angeles? (DOWNTOWN),

26 Still in existence (EXTANT) once (EX-) Nat (Nat = -TAN-) returns on time (-T) (EXTANT).


1 Arrive (AR-) at ball (-O-) to use (-USE) (AROUSE) trigger for emotion (AROUSE),

2 Take screens away from unnecessary (‘unnecessary’ without ‘screens’ = unay = YUAN) change in Shanghai (basic monetary unit in China = YUAN ),

3 Between Ireland and England (SEA-), drain (-SHORE) (SEASHORE) leads to Dollymount (SEASHORE),

4 Itsss an allegation (SLUR) thatsss not easssy to ssay with drrrink (SLUR),

5 Formed (SHAPED) newspaper agency (Associate Press = -AP-) in hut at bottom of garden (shed = SH-ED) (SHAPED),

6 Stands guard when the sparks fly (FIRE SCREEN) to get rid of (FIRE) partition (SCREEN) (FIRE SCREEN),

7 Pay tribute to Government (TAXATION) for balancing the books? (TAXATION),

13 They offer immunity (ANTITOXINS) to relative (aunty = ANTI-) reportedly to (-TO-) get love (-X-) -ins (-INS) (ANTITOXINS),

14 Remove frozen water (DE-ICE) found in casino (dice = D-ICE) hiding ecstasy (-E-) (DE-ICE),

16 Love (O-) to avoid (-MISS-) charged bit (-ION) (OMISSION) to leave it out (OMISSION),

17 Back me (me = EM-) to plot (-BED-) against the German (the = -DE-) director (-D) (EMBEDDED) with journalist in army (EMBEDDED),

19 Herb okay (herb ok = RHEBOK) surprisingly for antelope (RHEBOK),

21 Make a mistake (ERR-) with worker (-ANT) (ERRANT) travelling in search of adventure (ERRANT),

23 Teetotaller (T-T) hides at home (-IN-) (TINT) in slight shade (TINT),

24 In Paris, I (I = JE-) turned up street  (St = -TS) (JETS) to see them in the sky (JETS).