Crosaire No 14998 by Crossheir – Monday, January 28, 2013

Mon, Jan 28, 2013, 23:55



1 Ski (ski = -IK-S-) back around her (H-ER-) (HIKERS) people on foot (HIKERS),

4 Needed in soup kitchen (SPOON-), FBI officer (-FED) (SPOON-FED) is indulged (SPOON-FED),

9 Registering (registering = dawning) without depth (d) (‘dawning’ without ‘d’ = AWNING) in shade (AWNING),

10 Dublin hospital (MATER-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE-) going to heart of England (heart/middle of England = -L) (MATERIEL) for military hardware (MATERIEL),

12 Plots (BED-S) around shelter (-COVER-) (BEDCOVERS) for sleepovers (BEDCOVERS),

13 Tending to drop (SAGGY) unkempt demeanour (shaggy) without fashion centre (centre of fashion = h) (‘shaggy’ without ‘h’ = saggy = SAGGY),

14 It’s not important (NO MATTER) to say it again (WHAT) (NO MATTER WHAT) whatever happens (NO MATTER WHAT),

18 It’s practical (USER-FRIENDLY) for addict (addict = USER-) to be affable (-FRIENDLY) (USER-FRIENDLY),

21 Bluff (CLIFF) with hangover along Clare seaboard (CLIFF),

22 Mae (MA-E) admits Ahearn (Ahearn = -HARANE) (MAHARANEE) arranged companion for Indian prince (MAHARANEE),

24 Attach too much importance to (OVERRATE) determination in cricket (OVER RATE is a determination or calculation in cricket),

25 Gives out (UMPIRE gives ‘out’ in cricket) to judge (judge = UMPIRE),

26 Master of ceremonies (HOST-) and Ryle (Ryle = -ELRY) cavorting (HOSTELRY) in pub (HOSTELRY),

27 At end of week (SAT-), your (-YR-) square (-S) (SATYRS) leads to those with an eye for the ladies (SATYRS).


1 Laurel wreath (HEADBAND) for U2 in Ireland perhaps (HEAD BAND),

2 Domains (KINGDOMS) provide crisps (King crisps = KING-) party (-DO-) with short document (short manuscript = -MS) (KINGDOMS),

3 No (no = -ON-) coming back in street (R-D-) to orchestra leader (leader of orchestra = -O) (RONDO) with final musical movement (RONDO),

5 Commendable (PRAISEWORTHY) to pay tribute (PRAISE-) to significance (-WORTH-) at end of July (end of July = -Y) (PRAISEWORTHY),

6 Dramatise it (OVERSTATE it) for President of Ireland (OVER STATE),

7 A cool place (FRIDGE) for loud music (F-) on hilltop (-RIDGE) (FRIDGE),

8 Holds up (DELAYS) Germany (DE-) for deposits (-LAYS) (DELAYS),

11 Looks presenter in the eye (TELEPROMPTER) for conveying text to broadcaster (TELEPROMPTER),

15 Working party (TASK FORCE) with time (T-) to question (-ASK) Garda Síochána (FORCE) (TASK FORCE),

16 Single out (IDENTIFY) one (I-) pit (-DENT-) damaged for your information (for your information = fyi =-IFY) (IDENTIFY),

17 Seen (seen = -NEES) retreating after final burning (PYRE) (PYRENEES) in French mountains (PYRENEES),

19 Jack (J-) and Charlie (-C-) reluctant (-LOTH) (J-CLOTH) to use in clean-up (J-CLOTH),

20 Oil company (B-P-) hides frozen water (-ICE-) for Sikh leader (leader of Sikh = -S) (BICEPS) with muscles (BICEPS),

23 Dance to someone’s tune in Cuba (RUMBA) to old peculiar (old/dated word for peculiar = RUM-) degree (-BA) (RUMBA).