Crosaire No 14997 by Crossheir – Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sun, Jan 27, 2013, 23:55



1 The German (the = der = RED) retreated as (AS) a (A) crustacean (LOBSTER) (RED AS A LOBSTER) got sunstroke perhaps (RED AS A LOBSTER),

10 Small measure (EM-) for brother (-BR-) and master (-ACE) (EMBRACE) to accept (EMBRACE),

11 It’s no one’s duty perhaps (TAX-FREE) to say thanks (TA-) getting cross (-X-) for nothing (-FREE) (TAX-FREE),

12 Turns up, sworn (sworn = nrows) to get rid of point (compass point north = n) (‘nrows’ without ‘n’ = rows = ROWS) of quarrels (ROWS),

13 Publication (ISSUE) is (-IS-) to take legal action (-SUE) (ISSUE),

15 Foreign article (LA-) on board (-SS) (LASS) for young girl (LASS),

17 Church (ch) leaves cheat (cheat) (‘cheat’ without ‘ch’ = eat = EAT) to put away (EAT),

19 Submerged (DUNKED) theologian (D-D) admits foreign article (-UN-) is on Kildare (-KE) (DUNKED),

21 Not showy (LOW-KEY) to find it under the mat presumably (LOW KEY),

22 Make order (BOOK-) to rent (-LET) (BOOKLET) flyer (BOOKLET),

23 Compose tune (tune = NU-ET) over horse (-GG-) (NUGGET) found by gold digger (gold NUGGET),

25 Land (ALIGHT) for a smoker (A LIGHT),

27 Girl (SUE) found at end of 13 across (= issue = SUE),

29 Hard (H-) for incoherent MEP (MEP = -EMP) (HEMP) with marijuana (HEMP),

30 Workers’ leader (leader of workers = W-) and the Spanish (the = -EL-) call for silence (Sh! = -SH) (WELSH) with people from Bangor (WELSH),

31 Burmese leader (leader of Burmese = B-) with the greatest (‘the greatest’ = Muhammad Ali = -ALI) (BALI) in Indonesia (BALI),

34 Good God! (OUR LORD) It’s nothing (O-) to do with your (-UR) superior (LORD) (OUR LORD),

35 Up north (NI = IN), it’s no lie (TRUTH) (IN TRUTH) really (IN TRUTH),

36 Morning Star (communist newspaper = RED RAG) gets to (TO) a (A) person buying shares (Stock Market person buying shares = BULL)? That’s incitement (RED RAG TO A BULL).


2 Interfere (ELBOW IN) as the Spanish (the = EL-) nod (-BOW) at home (IN) (ELBOW IN),

3 First person (ADAM) with Borges leaves board games (‘board games’ without ‘borges’ = adam = ADAM),

4 Opposed to (AVERSE to) a (A-) few lions (“few lions” = “few lines” = -VERSE) reportedly (AVERSE),

5 Not at home (OUT-) to place (-PUT) (OUTPUT) in production (OUTPUT),

6 Looking back, it’s positive (yes = SE-Y) to admit cross (-X-) (SEXY) is desirable (SEXY),

7 Set aside (EARMARK) symbol (-MARK) behind listener (EAR-) (EARMARK),

8 Heard a grim tale (Brothers Grimm fairy tale = RED RIDING HOOD) to see a wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps (idiom ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ = dangerous person pretending to be harmless – RED RIDING HOOD sees a wolf disguised as her grandmother),

9 Sheepish expression (expression of shepherd {or sailor}= RED SKY AT NIGHT) perhaps for what Stalin saw in dark (RED SKY AT NIGHT),

14 In Africa (SA-), Leeds United Football Club (Leeds United Football Club = LUFC = -C-FUL) flipped over king (king = -K-) (SACKFUL) with stuffed kitbag (SACKFUL),

16 Old Mediterranean pirate ship (XEBEC) finds marker (X-) to be (-BE-) in European Community (-E-C) (XEBEC),

18 Strenuously (HOTLY) dedicated to God (holy = HO-LY) around square (T-square = -T-) (HOTLY),

20 Party (DO-) for team leader (leader of team = -T) (DOT) goes over head of first person when small (first person = ‘I’ and small ‘i’ has a DOT overhead),

21 The French (the = LE-) article (-A) (LEA) from Greenland? (green land = green grassy area = LEA),

24 Well-oiled Australian native (eucalyptus tree gives oil = GUM TREE) gives stick (to stick/to glue = to GUM OR a stick of chewing GUM) to Holly (TREE) (GUM TREE),

26 Irish love (love = GRA-) twin (-DUAL) (GRADUAL) going steady (GRADUAL),

27 Old sailor (old experienced sailor = SEA DOG) chases catfish? (SEA DOG chases catfish?),

28 European (E-) gets to travel on snow (-SKI-) for a short period (-MO) (ESKIMO) with fellow used to cold (ESKIMO),

32 To such a great extent (SO-) you’re (you are = -UR) (SOUR) bitter (SOUR),

33 For the record, ticket (STUB) for skinhead (head of skin = S-) found on pot (-TUB) (STUB).