Crosaire No 14996 by Crossheir – Friday, January 25, 2013

Fri, Jan 25, 2013, 23:55



1 Barman (bar man = SC-) gets his (-HIS-) tea (-T) (SCHIST) by rock in Wicklow mountains (SCHIST rock),

4 Canada red and German wine (types of RHUBARBS) – they’re a bit stalky for dessert (RHUBARBS),

9 The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit?  Sound books (AUDIOS) with sound tracks (AUDIOS),

10 Suicide bombers (KAMIKAZE) who loved Skyfall? (Japanese plane deliberately crashed during second World War = KAMIKAZE),

12 Before lunch (BREAKFAST) eat nothing (-FAST) after having break (BREAK-) (BREAKFAST),

13 The French (the = LA-) article (-THE) (LATHE) leads to Turner (turner/lathe shapes wood = LATHE),

14 Big cat (LEOPARD-) on street (-ST-) to possess (-OWN) (LEOPARDSTOWN) green field site in Dublin for Arabians? (Arabians = horses) (LEOPARDSTOWN racecourse),

18 Good behaviour (MORALITY) to amuse oneself (PLAY) (MORALITY PLAY) in medieval stage performance (MORALITY PLAY),

21 Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE-) on Irish beach (beach = TRA) (TETRA) provides fish for aquarium (TETRA),

22 Make worse (AGGRAVATE) by putting important part of email address (@ = -AT-) in silver (AG-) vault (-GRAV-E) (AGGRAVATE),

24 Foul-smelling (MEPHITIC) European politician (MEP-) on strike (-HIT-) and in charge (-IC) (MEPHITIC),

25 In a way, avails (avails = SALIVA) of what comes out of one’s mouth (SALIVA),

26 Dusting (CLEANING) copyright (C-) for the French (the = -LE-) article (-AN-) on making gin (gin = -ING) (CLEANING),

27 Compete eagerly (vie = V-IE) over cell (-EGG-) (VEGGIE) for vegetarian (VEGGIE).


1 Chair (SEAT) with sandwich (B-LT) admits energy (-E) (SEAT BELT) provides safety to run about (SEAT BELT provides safety to runaround / car),

2 Safeguard (HEDGE-) against clash (-ROW) (HEDGEROW) at edge of road (HEDGEROW),

3 It’s a surprise (SHOCK) Mam leaves hammocks (‘hammocks’ without ‘mam’ = hocks = SHOCK),

5 Centre (HEART-) on street (-ST-) calls (-RINGS) (HEARTSTRINGS) for one’s deepest feelings of compassion (HEARTSTRINGS),

6 Brother (BR-) not working (-IDLE-) to plan (-WAY) (BRIDLEWAY) for taking horses for a walk (BRIDLEWAY),

7 Genuine (REAL-) car (Model T car = -T-) at journey’s end (end of journey = -Y) (REALTY) to American property (REALTY),

8 Girl (SHE-) goes to Kildare (-KE-) with novice (learner = -L) (SHEKEL) for money’s worth in Israel (SHEKEL),

11 Living in Asia (SAUDI ARABIAN), Sian (S-IAN) holds onto German car (-AUDI) from Middle East (ARAB-) (SAUDI ARABIAN),

15 A (A-) party (-DO-) with allowance (-RATION) (ADORATION) for glory (ADORATION),

16 Drink (G-IN-) spilt over rich soil (-LOAM-) at midnight (middle of night = -G) (GLOAMING) and twilight (GLOAMING),

17 Kind (TYPE-) to look (-FACE) (TYPEFACE) at character style in The Irish Times (character/font style = TYPEFACE),

19 Thomas (-TOM-) in first class (A-I-) has copyright (-C) (ATOMIC) for very small quantities (ATOMIC),

20 Holds the paper together (STAPLE) with broken plates (plates = STAPLE),

23 No sleep (AWAKE) at the end (funeral wake = a wake = AWAKE).