Crosaire No 14995 by Crossheir – Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thu, Jan 24, 2013, 23:55



8 It’s revolting (attempt to overthrow government = PUTSCH) to place (PUT-) 15 across (= attorney general = SC = -SC-) near heroin (-H) (PUTSCH),

9 At last, it’s a (itsa = -ITAS) failure to drop bearing (bearing direction east = e) in dead end (dead end = grave = ‘grave’ without ‘e’ = GRAV-) (GRAVITAS) with dignified manner (GRAVITAS),

10 Leave out (SKIP) travel on foot over snow (SKI-) to park (-P) (SKIP),

11 Blowing hot and cold (IRRESOLUTE), Ireland (IR-E-) embraces right (-R-) for Somalia (-SO-) to get loot (loot = -LUTE) we hear (IRRESOLUTE),

12 It’s popular (HOT-) river (-PO-) near square (T-square = T) (HOTPOT) found in Lancashire (Lancashire HOTPOT),

14 Post (post = POL-E) includes Sir (sir = -RIS-) coming back with a (-A-) (POLARISE) way to organise set of different opinions (POLARISE),

15 Head barman (attorney general) gets at (AT-) Tyrone (Tyrone = TORNEY) in a heap across the board (across the board = in GENERAL) (attorney general),

18 It’s not a lie (TRUE-) to colour (-BLUE) (TRUE-BLUE) one who is extremely loyal (TRUE-BLUE),

20 Be (BE-) in touch with detective (-D-I-) across street (-S-T) (BEDSIT) in student accommodation (BEDSIT),

22 Little change (CENT-) to boredom (ennui) missing you (u) (‘ennui’ missing ‘u’ = -ENNI-) and Alan (-AL) (CENTENNIAL) at big anniversary (CENTENNIAL),

24 Cocktail (mojito) missing it (it) (‘mojito’ missing ‘it’ = mojo = MOJO) for magic spell (MOJO),

25 All (ALL-) the Spanish (the = -EL-) at youth centre (centre of youth = -U-) return first class (AI = -IA) (ALLELUIA) with shout of joy (ALLELUIA),

26 Sweetheart (heart of sweet = E-) makes a reservation (-BOOKS) (E-BOOKS) in bleak house and animal farm on the Internet (Bleak House and Animal Farm on the Internet = E-BOOKS).


1 Local crazy person (CUCKOO) draws attention to time in Switzerland perhaps (CUCKOO clock),

2 Dane leaves Pasadena (‘Pasadena’ without ‘Dane’ = psaa = ASAP) in short without losing time (ASAP),

3 Dedicate name to (dedicate name to = CHRISTEN) church (CH-) to insert (insert = -RISTEN) change (CHRISTEN),

4 Article (A-) on freshwater fish (-GAR) is a little sticky perhaps (AGAR),

5 It’s related to the source (related to the source or cause = CAUSAL) with cocaine (C-) for gangster (-A-L) covering America (-USA) (CAUSAL),

6 Regular date (GIRLFRIEND) with young lady (GIRL-) and her confidant (-FRIEND) (GIRLFRIEND),

7 Supporter of (FAN-) Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = -T-) going to Orient (-ASIA) (FANTASIA) with musical composition (FANTASIA),

13 NAMA for one (PROPERTIED) in favour of (PRO-) representative (rep = -PER-) sent back tied (-TIED) (PROPERTIED),

14 Positive response (-AYE-) in exercise (P-E) (PAYEE) to person getting paid (PAYEE),

16 Trinity (THREE-) get to play (play) without a (a) (‘play’ without ‘a’ = ply – PLY) (THREE-PLY) measure of thickness (THREE-PLY),

17 Stops one going off (EMBALMER) with Emer (Emer = EM-ER) holding ointment (-BALM-) (EMBALMER),

19 Long Island  (LI-) punk (punk = -NK-UP) engineered (LINK-UP) connection (LINK-UP),

21 At home (IN-), Josephine (-JO-) goes to Kildare (-KE) (IN-JOKE) for private parody (IN-JOKE),

23 Looking back, one (i) leaves city in Florida (‘Miami’ without ‘i’ = mami = IMAM) with Arab leader (IMAM),

24 Spirit (MOOD) leads to doctor (doctor = medical officer = MO-) overdose (-OD) (MOOD).