Crosaire No 14994 by Crossheir – Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wed, Jan 23, 2013, 23:55



1 Large (BIG-) army (army) loses regiment (r) (‘army’ loses ‘r’ = amy = -AMY) (BIGAMY) going up and down the aisle too much (BIGAMY),

4 In charge (-IC-) of one (-I-) in internal organ (offal = OFF-AL) (OFFICIAL) is ceremonial (OFFICIAL),

9 Sounds like water mark (a mark at sea = ‘buoy’ = “boy” = BOY) is out-of-date (OLD) (OLD BOY) for school-leaver (former pupil = OLD BOY),

10 Sounds like it’s an order requesting rate (fee) from Sybil (Sybil) (“fee Sybil?” = FEASIBLE) that’s practical (FEASIBLE),

12 Sore (SORE-) point (compass point south = -S) behind unfriendly (COLD) (COLD SORES) infectious lip liners (COLD SORES),

13 Check out (check out = eye something = EYE) after it belongs to me (MY)? (MY EYE) I don’t believe it! (MY EYE!)

14 Peacekeepers (United Nations = UN-) getting systematic (-SCIENTIFIC) (UNSCIENTIFIC) is against everything Einstein stood for (UNSCIENTIFIC),

18 Date (FRUIT) powerhouse (MACHINE) (FRUIT MACHINE) working in amusement arcade (FRUIT MACHINE)

21 Get lost (HOP IT) with surprise (HO-) at coal mine (-P IT) (HOP IT),

22 It’s a tedious job (PEN-PUSHER) for fellow flogging writer perhaps (PEN-PUSHER),

24 Lie (SHAM-) to bishop (-B-) and the French (the = -LES) (SHAMBLES) in chaos (SHAMBLES),

25 End date (CUT-OFF) for Henry VIII’s favourite order that comes to a head (CUT OFF head),

26 Trick (CON-) on renovated green (-GENER) (CONGENER) colours one’s drinking (chemical that adds character/colour to wine/liquor = CONGENER),

27 European (-E-) consumed by sparking wine (cava = CAV-A-) comes across Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = -T) (CAVEAT) with warning (CAVEAT).


1 Bohemians (Bohemians Football CLUB) in the end make a reservation (BOOK) (BOOK CLUB) for readership (BOOK CLUB),

2 Father’s words (GOD BLESS) said when you’re going (GOD BLESS),

3 Rooms (rooms = MOORS) engineered for those who left Spain (MOORS),

5 Sounds like no cost taking to sea (FREE-SWIMMING) to move independently of currents (FREE-SWIMMING),

6 At home (IN-), self-starter (start of self = -S-) finds Monica (Monica = -OMNIAC) in disguise (INSOMNIAC) is not a sleeper (INSOMNIAC),

7 I’m (IM-) on bus (bus) without small (s) (‘bus’ without ‘s’ = -BU-) editor (ED) (IMBUED) invested in quality (IMBUED),

8 Don’t tell the truth (LIE-) getting the German (the = -DER) (LIEDER) romantic song from Berlin (LIEDER),

11 Where soldiers go (the front = FRONT-) is (-IS-) part of article (article = -PIECE) (FRONTISPIECE) at beginning of book (FRONTISPIECE),

15 Bad tempered (IRRITABLE) Irish king (king = Ri = IR-) returns Irish king (king = Ri = -RI-) found in dining room (-TABLE) (IRRITABLE),

16 Want (WISH-) bighead (head of big = -B-) individual (-ONE) (WISHBONE) to make a clean break of this after chicken supper (pull/break the chicken WISHBONE),

17 Funny looking fitter or (fitter or = RETROFIT) component added after manufacture (RETROFIT),

19 Occurring in stages (PHASIC), has (-HAS-) gotten itself in picture (P-IC) (PHASIC),

20 Speculation on horses (starting price = SP-) ran (-R-AN) across island (-I-) (SPRAIN) out of joint problem (SPRAIN),

23 Uranium (-U-) behind radiation (ultraviolet radiation = UV-) in California (-LA) (UVULA) affects back of the palate (UVULA).