Crosaire No 14993 by Crossheir – Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tue, Jan 22, 2013, 23:55



8 Graduate (BA-) goes to Ulster (-NI-) to call for silence (Sh! = -SH) (BANISH) in bar (to bar = to BANISH),

9 Gets sidetracked (DEVIATES) by Desmond (Des = DE-S) admitting travelling through (-VIA-) to Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE-) (DEVIATES),

10 Article (A-) on your old (-THY) (ATHY) place in Kildare (ATHY in Kildare),

11 Record (NOTE-) wealth (-WORTH-) at end of January (end of January = -Y) (NOTEWORTHY) is significant (NOTEWORTHY),

12 Lie in wait (AMBUSH) before noon (AM-) for transport (-BUS-) to hotel (-H) (AMBUSH),

14 Army (SOLDIERY) exchanged for money (SOLD-) one (-I-) in hospital (-ER) yard (-Y) (SOLDIERY),

15 Not hiding much (GRAPHIC), moose (DE-ER) covering sign (-SIGN) (GRAPHIC DESIGNER) makes visual impact (GRAPHIC DESIGNER),

18 Look up through a lens (STARGAZE) at celebrity (STAR-) inspection (-GAZE) (STARGAZE),

20 At home (IN-), Ulster (-NI-) gets the worst result (worst result = no grade = -NG) (INNING) in division playing baseball (INNING),

22 Is this the type of transport (BROOMSTICK) reportedly Which (“which” = “witch”) magazine tests for fly-by-night perhaps? (BROOMSTICK = transport for witch flying at night)

24 Stands? (something ‘stands’ near something =  something SITS near something) Yes and no (‘stands’ is also the opposite of SITS),

25 Put a stop (END-) to (-TO-) Waterloo (meet your Waterloo = -END)! Is this how the king and queen sit down to dinner? (at each end of the table? = END-TO-END),

26 At the beginning (at the OUTSET), union leader (leader of union = -U-) consumed by Bible (Old Testament = -O-T) collection (-SET) (OUTSET).


1 Short boxer (bantamweight boxer = BANTAM) measures audience (-TAM rating) behind bar (BAN-) (BANTAM),

2 Very small (TINY) of Brad to leave banditry (‘banditry’ without ‘brad’ = nity = TINY),

3 Old Iranian leader (Shah = SHA-H-) covers up poor result (poor result = no grade = -NG-) getting first class (-AI) (SHANGHAI) in China (SHANGHAI in China),

4 Alien (E-T) swallows detective (-DI-) (EDIT) for a change (EDIT),

5 Confess openly (AVOWAL) with a (A-) solemn promise (-VOW-) to gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (AVOWAL),

6 Low-budget series of British pictures (‘Carry On’ films = CARRY- ON) admits gin (gin = -ING) cocktail (CARRYING ON) is best enjoyed behind wife’s back (CARRYING ON),

7 Is this the type of thoroughbred on beach at Laytown races (SEA HORSE)? Looks equine (HORSE) with fishy tale reportedly (“tale” = “tail”) (SEA HORSE has equine head and fish tail),

13 Amphetamine (UPPER) is a bit of a shock (VOLT-) to Angolan leader (leader of Angolan = -A) (UPPER VOLTA) from the old country in Africa (UPPER VOLTA),

14 Creep (SIDLE) dies (dies = SID-E) in a way around Limerick (-L-) (SIDLE),

16 It’s unassuming (RETIRING) working out? (RETIRING),

17 Easily tied (a knot that can be undone with a pull = SLIPKNOT) to a piece of paper paper (SLIP)? It’s not (“not” = “knot” = KNOT) we hear (SLIPKNOT),

19 Precious metal (gold = AU-) on street (-ST-) with measurement (-EN) (AUSTEN) of great writer with persuasion (Jane AUSTEN wrote ‘Persuasion’),

21 It adds greater spice reportedly (“greater” = “grater” spice  = NUTMEG) to be a bit cheeky playing football (a NUTMEG is where one footballer plays the ball through another’s legs and is considered to be a bit cheeky),

23 Cindy loses head (Cindy loses ‘c’ = INDY) with American race (INDY),

24 Stuff (SATE) at the end of week (SAT-) reaches point (compass point east = -E) (SATE).