Crosaire No 14992 by Crossheir – Monday, January 21, 2013

Mon, Jan 21, 2013, 23:55



1 Rower leaves ghost writer (‘ghost writer’ without ‘rower’ = ghstit = TIGHTS) with hose (hose = TIGHTS)

4 At risk (IN DANGER) of independent (ind = IN D-) displeasure (-ANGER) (IN DANGER),

9 I (I-) peddled (-SOLD-) to Spain (-E) (ISOLDE) for old Irish princess (ISOLDE),

10 Express pain (OU-CH) over surprising rate (rate = -TREA-) (OUTREACH) in welfare programme (welfare programme = OUTREACH),

12 Pouting expression used to convey annoyance (moue = MO-UE) over no record (no log = -NOLOG-) (MONOLOGUE) of soliloquy (MONOLOGUE),

13 Circle (O-) a (-A-) small relative (-SIS-) (OASIS) in watering hole (OASIS),

14 Easy-going (HAPPY-GO-LUCKY) Sunny (HAPPY-) gets green light (-GO-) to go to charmed gangster (charmed gangster = mobster ‘Lucky’ Luciano = -LUCKY) (HAPPY-GO-LUCKY),

18 Manage (ADMINISTRATE) a (A-) date (-D-ATE) ringing minister (minister) without sweetheart (e) (‘minister’ without ‘e’ = ministr = -MINISTR-) (ADMINISTRATE),

21 African leader (leader of Africa = A-) to (-TO-) find lions (“lions” = “lines” = -LL) reported (ATOLL) on chain of islands (ATOLL),

22 Sign discourages salesmen (NO HAWKERS) on (on = NO) turning up with bird of prey (HAWK-) on disorganised reserve (res = -ERS) (NO HAWKERS),

24 Softens the effects (CUSHIONS) of you and me (-US-) in new chinos (chinos = C-HIONS) (CUSHIONS),

25 On the surface of it, hold onto film (ADSORB) for father (Da = AD-) returning to Rob’s (Rob’s = -SORB) disaster (ADSORB),

26 Childish (YOUNGISH) of you (YOU-) to sign (sign = -NGIS-) over hotel (-H) (YOUNGISH),

27 Put pen to paper (WRIT-E) about hospital (-H-) (WRITHE) movement for squirmer (WRITHE).


1 Comes in first (TRIUMPHS) to try (“try” = “tri” = TRI-) reportedly to drop speed (-MPH-) in America (-U-S) (TRIUMPHS),

2 Adults (GROWN-UPS) shoot up (GROW-) near sun (sun = -N-U-S) rising over park (-P) (GROWN-UPS),

3 Ebb and flow (TIDAL) without middlemen (middle of men = e) is not ideal (ideal’ without ‘e’ = -IDAL) after tea (T-) (TIDAL),

5 Euro perhaps as opposed to the punt (new money as opposed to old money = NOUVEAU-RICHE) is the use of money in poor taste (NOUVEAU-RICHE can be perceived to lack good taste),

6 Make public aware (AIR-) portable (-POCKET) (AIR POCKET) plane affected by this (plane affected by AIR POCKET),

7 Dope (GRASS-) at end of July (end of July = -Y) (GRASSY) smells a little green (GRASSY),

8 Her (her = REH-) turn to get powdery residue (-ASH) (REHASH) to cover old ground (REHASH),

11 Great when it lasted (A GOOD INNINGS) provided long time spent protecting the bails (A GOOD INNINGS in cricket),

15 Express excitement (Yo! = YO-) at wooded hollow (-DELL-) making gin (gin = -ING) (YODELLING) singing in Swiss air (YODELLING),

16 River (-PO-) behind theatre (GATE-) on street (-ST) (GATEPOST) offers support on the way in (GATEPOST),

17 It’s not possible (FEASIBLE) for safe (safe = FEAS-) developer to lose black (b) Bible (Bible) (‘Bible’ without ‘b’ = IBLE) (FEASIBLE),

19 Geronimo (Geronimo! =WAR CRY) circumspect (WA-RY) over religion (Roman Catholic = -RC-) (WAR CRY),

20 Honorary (HON-) call for silence (Sh! = SH-) for upstart (start of up = -U) (HONSHU) from Japanese island (HONSHU),

23 Campaign (WA-R) over Germany (-DE-) (WADER) for paddler (WADER).