Crosaire No 14991 by Crossheir – Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sun, Jan 20, 2013, 23:55



1 It’s very likely (IT’S IN THE CARDS) in Jack’s place perhaps (a Jack playing card = IT’S IN THE CARDS),

10 Sounds like they’re at home (they’re in = THEREIN) in that respect (THEREIN),

11 Praise (PLAUDIT) the place (PL-) with the local once-over (once-over = inspection/audit = -AUDIT) (PLAUDIT),

12 Melt gamey sort found in Ireland (GAA = AGA-) with recipe (-R) (AGAR) for soup thickener (AGAR),

13 Lie (FIB-) about (-RE) (FIBRE) what’s good in your diet (FIBRE),

15 Put money on (BET-) a (-A) (BETA) second Greek letter (BETA),

17 The French (the = LE-) quarter (compass point east = -E) (LEE) in Cork (LEE is in Cork),

19 Gangster (Al Capone = AL = LA-) returns you (-Y OU-) on Tuesday (-T) (LAY OUT) by arrangement (LAY OUT),

21 Brother (BR-) gets on (-ON-) with firm (-CO) (BRONCO) wild horse (BRONCO),

22 Fall off (DWINDLE) down (D-) wind (-WIND-) to the French (the = -LE) (DWINDLE),

23 Hilda Doolittle (H-D) catches tune (-AIR-) going around (-O) (HAIRDO) in beehive (HAIRDO),

25 Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE-) finds a (-A) way to sack (BAG) (TEA BAG) popular brewer perhaps (TEA BAG),

27 Surprise (HA-) Jack (-J) (HAJ) with once-in-a-lifetime trip to see Oasis (HAJ),

29 To such a great extent (SO-) it’s a surprise (-HO) (SOHO) in London (SOHO),

30 Brought forth (BEGOT) request (BEG-) for Bible (Old Testament = -OT) (BEGOT),

31 Mark (BLOT) and lawyer (BL-) to (-OT) return (BLOT),

34 German philosophy (MARXISM) in German capital (capital = money = marks = MARX-) reportedly is (-IS-) medieval (-M) (MARXISM),

35 10 across (10 across = therein = NEITHER) in a way is not one thing or the other (NEITHER),

36 Football at Lords? (IT’S NOT CRICKET) It’s not acceptable (IT’S NOT CRICKET).


2 Treatment (THERAPY) of the (THE) music (RAP music) at end of July (end of July = Y) (THERAPY)

3 Sail away from idealism (‘idealism’ missing ‘sail’ = idem = IDEM) for the same as before (IDEM),

4 Wait (“wait” = weight = TON-) we hear for Sil (-SIL) (TONSIL) with lump in throat (TONSIL),

5 Back me (me = -EM-) to run out (run out = expire) without former girlfriend (ex) (‘expire’ without ‘ex’ = -PIRE) (EMPIRE) in large organisation (EMPIRE),

6 A little bit open (AJAR) to a pint (A JAR),

7 Broke ground (broke ground = DU-G-) around Dublin (-D-) for a long period (-EON) (DUDGEON) with resentment (DUDGEON),

8 Mirror image (IT’S ALL THE SAME) is not important to me usually (IT’S ALL THE SAME to me),

9 Perhaps it’s a description of Tower of Babel (Tower of Babel tried to reach the heavens = IT’S A LONG STORY) in Bible (Tower of Babel is story in the Bible = IT’S A LONG STORY)

14 Take special note (-NB-) after Beatrice (BEA-) finds silver (silver = -AG-) (BEANBAG) in very large cushion (BEANBAG),

16 Bloody (RUDDY) red sort (RUDDY),

18 At last, Phoenix Park resident (deer = -REED) returns to a follower (‘b’ follows ‘a’ = B-) (BREED) with a variety of animal (BREED of animal),

20 Beside one (TWO) of the twins (TWO),

21 Barman (bar man = BL-) gets tea (-T) (BLT) with deli favourite (BLT),

24 Take over (INHERIT) at home (IN-) with her (-HER-) from IT (-IT) (INHERIT),

26 Follower of 34 across (follower of Marxism = BOLSHIE) deliberately uncooperative (BOLSHIE),

27 I’m (IM = -MI-) flipping behind woman (HER-) with time (-T) (HERMIT) for loner (HERMIT),

28 Meet her (meet her = “join her” = JOINER) reportedly with wooden person perhaps (JOINER),

32 It’s not right (SI-N) hiding gravity (-G-) (SIGN) of warning (SIGN),

33 Return smart card (smart phone has SIM card = MIS-) to college head (head of college = -C) (MISC) with little odd collection (MISC).