Crosaire No 14990 by Crossheir – Friday, January 18, 2013

Fri, Jan 18, 2013, 23:55



8 Love (-O) couple of pints (QUART-) before (QUARTO) measure for bookkeeper perhaps (QUARTO),

9 Does this mean to follow (TAIL-) Ulster attire (an ‘ulster’ is an overcoat = -COAT) (TAILCOAT) for morning dress? (TAILCOAT),

10 Rents out from estranged (‘rents’ out from ‘estranged’ = aged = AGED) senior (AGED),

11 Turns up, father (Rev = VER-) finds lab runners (-MICE-) not feeling the best (ill = -LLI) coming back (VERMICELLI) with pasta (VERMICELLI),

12 Sweet tones (DULCET) of the French (of the = DU-) to rent (-L-ET) around Cape (-C-) (DULCET),

14 It brings everything to an end (DOOMSDAY) as mood (mood = DOOM-) turns to talk (-S-AY) about Penny (old penny = -D-) (DOOMSDAY),

15 Paid after work (OLD-AGE PENSIONER) for last years (OLD-AGE) with writer (PEN-) and unreliable senior (senior = -SIONER) (OLD-AGE PENSIONER),

18 Luxor (Luxor) gets rid of inexperienced driver (learner = l) (‘Luxor’ without ‘l’ = UXOR-) with letters of credit (IOUs = -IOUS) (UXORIOUS) provided obsessively loves the wife (UXORIOUS),

20 West African country (Liberia) with no port (port side = left = l) (Liberia without ‘l’ = IBERIA) connecting Spain and Portugal (IBERIA),

22 Street (ST-) ride (-RIDE-) for lieutenant (Lt = -TL-) coming back in New York (-N-Y) (STRIDENTLY) sounds harshly insistent (STRIDENTLY),

24 Pleased (GLAD) for good (G-) fellow (-LAD) (GLAD),

25 Zero (O-) tax (-VAT-) is (-I-S-) taking in no (no = -ON-) return (OVATIONS) from old Roman processions (OVATIONS),

26 Emended rise (rise = R-IES) to cover sailor (able-bodied seaman = -AB-) (RABIES) makes you as sick as a dog (RABIES makes you as sick as a dog),


1 Fighting in China (KUNG FU), knight has suspender (knight has suspender = Knight of the Garter =K-G-) to cover peacekeeper (United Nations = -UN-) looking for some fun (some of fun = FU) (KUNG FU),

2 Brother (BR-) writer (-ED) (BRED) produced daughter (BRED),

3 Surprise (Cor! = COR-) boxer’s doctor (boxer or dog’s doctor = -VET-) and Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE) (CORVETTE) in American sports car (CORVETTE),

4 Knight (S-IR) swallows end product (end of product = -T-) (STIR) in local prison (in prison = in STIR),

5 First class (AI-) goat (-KID-) picks on duck (-O) (AIKIDO) for fight in Tokyo (AIKIDO),

6 Open Sesame (ACCESS CODE) is the way in (ACCESS) to fish (COD-) quarter (compass direction east = -E) (ACCESS CODE),

7 Graduate (BA-) fifty-fifty (-LL) to get duck (duck = GAME) (BALL GAME) in cricket (cricket = BALL GAME),

13 Climbs the walls at home (CHAIRLIFTS climb along/up walls) as Charlie (C-) gets mop (mop = -HAIR-) found in high-rise (-LIFTS) (CHAIRLIFTS),

14 What’s left (DREGS) for director (D-) at Reginald’s (Reg’s = -REGS) (DREGS),

16 Live (L-IVE) over insurance company (-AXA-) on square (T-square = -T-)  (LAXATIVE) for intestinal relief (LAXATIVE),

17 Dispatch (SHIP-) what’s out back (-YARD) (SHIPYARD) down the docks (SHIPYARD),

19 Officer in charge (Officer Commanding = OC-) finds Eliot (Eliot) missing one (i) (‘Eliot’ missing ‘i’ = -ELOT) (OCELOT) wild cat (OCELOT),

21 I’m (IM-) at stage of life (-AGE-) for school (-S) (IMAGES) reflections (IMAGES),

23 Thanks (TA-) to Canadian province (Saskatchewan = -SK) (TASK) for undertaking work (TASK),

24 Mason leaves moneybags (‘moneybags’ without ‘mason’ = eybg = GYBE) in swing on boat (GYBE).