Crosaire No 14989 by Crossheir – Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thu, Jan 17, 2013, 23:55



1 Postscript (PS = SP-) comes back with love (-O-) of (-OF-) skinhead (head of skin = -S) (SPOOFS) with tricks (SPOOFS),

4 Generous accommodation (SPACIOUS) with room (space) missing quarter (quarter = direction of a compass point East = e) (‘space’ missing ‘e’ = SPAC-) of promissory notes (IOUs = -IOUS) (SPACIOUS),

9 It’s fashionable (IN-) in Meath (TRIM is in Meath) to look slim and fit (IN TRIM),

10 Flies over Banna Stand (Banna Strand is a BLUE FLAG beach) with Down (feel down = feel BLUE) banner (FLAG) (BLUE FLAG),

12 Laze (laze = -EZ-LA) awkwardly across venue (VEN-UE) (VENEZUELA) in South America (VENEZUELA),

13 Clare (C-E) admits it’s about (-RE-) time (-T-) (CRETE) in Mediterranean (CRETE),

14 After shave perhaps (EAU DE COLOGNE), Russell (AE = EA-) returns to dude (dude) losing head (h) (‘dude’ losing ‘h’ = -U DE) in German city (COLOGNE) (EAU DE COLOGNE),

18 Obsessive outside master’s office (obsessive outside station master’s office = TRAINSPOTTER) provides locomotives (TRAINS-) for Beatrix (Beatrix POTTER) (TRAINSPOTTER),

21 Was (-WAS-) in there to express surprise (Ah! = A-H) (AWASH) under water (AWASH),

22 It’s metaphoric (ALLEGORIC) for everyone (ALL-), for example (-EG-), to love (-O-) old police force (-RIC) (ALLEGORIC),

24 First person lost it (first person =ADAM lost/gave SPARE RIB to Eve) in superfluous (SPARE-) small open boat (-RIB) (SPARE RIB),

25 Italian market (RIALTO) in south Dublin (RIALTO),

26 It’s not the peacekeeper’s job (FIGHTING is not the peacekeeper’s job) at boxing match (FIGHT-) to order gin (gin = -ING) (FIGHTING),

27 Wild ones (BEASTS) produced rhythms (BEA-TS) around south (-S-) (BEASTS).


1 Does the menial work (SKIVVIES) to travel on snow (SKI-) with Victor (-V-) to compete (-VIE-) on Square (-S) (SKIVVIES),

2 Love (O-) to co-ordinate (X is a co-ordinate = -X-) language (-TONGUE) (OX-TONGUE) from mouth organ found on farm (OX-TONGUE),

3 Before the weekend (FRI-), snoring (-ZZ) (FRIZZ) produces impossible tight curls (FRIZZ),

5 That’s your lot missus? (Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into PILLAR OF SALT) It reminds one in old book (Bible) to look ahead (PILLAR OF SALT),

6 Send (-S-END-) over copyright (-C-) in core (core = CRE-O) arrangement (CRESCENDO) for musical build-up (CRESCENDO),

7 Crude (OIL-) to go to the lads (-MEN) (OILMEN) for the sheikhs with money in Arabia (OILMEN),

8 Put name on dotted line (SIGN-) for supernatural film (-ET) (SIGNET) with official seal (SIGNET),


15 Most uninhibited sort (EARTHIEST sort) are (are = EAR-) confused by thief (thief) dropping farthing (f) (‘thief” dropped ‘f’ = -THIE-) on road (-ST) (EARTHIEST),

16 Street (ST-) art (-ART-) for the French (the = -LES) (STARTLES) surprises (STARTLES),

17 It’s valuable (PRECIOUS) before (PRE-) Cuba (-C-) gets signed documents of debt (-IOUs = IOUS) (PRECIOUS),

19 Church meeting (MASS-) if (-IF) (MASSIF) in French mountains (MASSIF),

20 Father (PA-) called (-RANG) (PARANG) with straight knife from Malaysia (PARANG),

23 Golf (G-) crime (crime) drops Charlie (c) (‘crime’ without ‘c’ = -RIME) (GRIME) in dirt (GRIME).