Crosaire No 14988 by Crossheir – Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wed, Jan 16, 2013, 23:55



1 Admiration (HOMAGE) for precious metal (silver = -AG-) held in residence (HOM-E) (HOMAGE),

4 Barman (bar man = SC-) takes iodine (-I-) on motorway (-MI-) to sailor (-TAR) (SCIMITAR) with sword (SCIMITAR),

9 Freshen (AIR-) passage (-WAY) (AIRWAY) in ventilation shaft (AIRWAY),

10 Temperature (T-) at start of week (Sunday = -SUN-) before noon (-AM-) exists (-IS) (TSUNAMIS) after shocks at sea (TSUNAMIS),

12 English (literature = -LIT-) follow river (PO-) to Irish king (Boru = -BURO) ill-treated (POLITBURO) by Russian committee (POLITBURO),

13 Modern sort (MO-D) hides a French (a = -UN-) (MOUND) heap (MOUND),

14 Care (MIND-) around (-O-) horse (-GG-) in ostentatious jewellery (-B-LING) (MIND-BOGGLING) is startling (MIND-BOGGLING),

18 Turns up, graduate (BA = AB-) and old singer (-B-ING) admits resistance (-R-) to playing Evita (Evita = -EVIAT-) (ABBREVIATING) in short texting perhaps (ABBREVIATING),

21 Close-knit family (CLAN-) at midnight (middle of night = -G) (CLANG) makes loud annoying noise (CLANG),

22 Fool (nit = TIN) comes back with nothing (O-) for writer (-PEN-) and hesitates (-ER) (TIN OPENER) to find means to spill the beans (TIN OPENER opens the tin of beans),

24 It’s demeaning (it’s demeaning/beneath one = INFRA DIG) to hear this from an archaeologist perhaps? (“In for a dig” = INFRA DIG),

25 Make an effort (STRIVE) for holy man (ST-) to find river (river) without Russian leader (leader of Russian = r) (‘river’ without ‘r’ = -IVER) (STRIVE),

26 It’s about (RE-) teams (-SID-ES) hiding you (-U-) (RESIDUES) from what remains (RESIDUES),

27 Dublin children’s hospital perhaps (COOMBE) gets word from child (COO-) to pick up British honour (Member of the Order of the British Empire = -MBE) (COOMBE). Down:

1 Put a (put a = -AT PU-) substitute in cannabis (hemp = HE- -MP) (HEAT PUMP) with device for transferring energy (HEAT PUMP),

2 Mother of God (MARY)! Plane to come down (LAND) (MARYLAND) in American state (MARYLAND),

3 Markets paper (Financial Times = -FT) behind Irish love (love = GRA-) (GRAFT) for corruption (GRAFT),

5 Charge from birth into the valley of death? (COST OF LIVING) It’s the price on everyone’s head (COST OF LIVING),

6 After sun (MON-), duck (-O-) gets euphoria (-MANIA) (MONOMANIA) with fixation of single pursuit (MONOMANIA),

7 Mut (goddess Mut = TUM-) comes back on the hour (hour) losing head (h) (‘hour’ losing ‘h’= -OUR) (TUMOUR) with abnormal tissue (TUMOUR),

8 Reserve (RES-) identity papers (-ID-) for Spain (-E) (RESIDE) in lodge (RESIDE),

11 80 on this (8 = ate + 0 = zero/nothing = ate nothing on this = HUNGER STRIKE) have desire (HUNGER) not to work (STRIKE) (HUNGER STRIKE),

15 Little one (BABY) finds thousand (GRAND) (BABY GRAND) in smallest keyboard (BABY GRAND),

16 Solider (GI-), a six-footer (an ant has six feet/legs = -ANT-), is (-IS-) male (-M) (GIANTISM) with tendency to grow bigger than everyone else (GIANTISM),

17 Grotesque gag (gag = AGG-) on Irish king (king = -RI-) and first lady (-EVE) (AGGRIEVE) will cause distress (AGGRIEVE),

19 It’s more distasteful (ICKIER) mixing ice (IC-E-) with Kir (-KI-R) (ICKIER),

20 Sage (Sage = GA-ES) collapses sheltering party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) (GAFFES) from embarrassing mistakes (GAFFES),

23 Irishman (PAT-) at ten (ten = 10 = -IO) (PATIO) is out back on firm ground (PATIO).