Crosaire No 14987 by Crossheir – Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tue, Jan 15, 2013, 23:55



8 Express hesitation (UM-) to brother (-BR-) going back first class (AI= -IA) (UMBRIA) to region of Italy (UMBRIA),

9 Informer (-RAT-) in Point (P-T) meets Shakespearean king (Lear) missing a (a) (‘lear’ missing ‘a’ = -LER) (PRATTLER) chatterbox (PRATTLER),

10 American city (LA = AL-) returns manuscript (-MS) (ALMS) to charity (ALMS),

11 To show surprise (WELL I NEVER), we’ll (we’ll = WELL) get in (in = I N-) with first lady (-EVE-) right (-R) (WELL I NEVER),?

12 Key worker (TYPIST) with psychiatrist missing chairs (‘psychiatrist’ missing ‘chairs’ = psytit = TYPIST),

14 Unable to move (IMMOBILE), I’m (IM) at one end of phone (MOBILE) (IMMOBILE),

15 It’s so exciting (it’s ELECTRIC) for lifeless (BLANK-) alien (alien = -ET) (ELECTRIC BLANKET) in heated sleep over (sleep over ELECTRIC BLANKET),

18 Listen to (to = TWO-) writer (-PEN-) going to American city (-NY) (TWOPENNY), with worthless old money (TWOPENNY),

20 See (SE-E) Samuel (-SAM-) inside (SESAME) to open cave for oriental thieves (Ali Baba said “open sesame” = SESAME),

22 Excessively sweet (SACCHARINE) canes (canes = SAC-NE) designed around broken chair (chair = -CHARI-) (SACCHARINE),

24 Turns up, I’m (IM = MI-) bearing (bearing north = -N-) cross (-X) (MINX) for bold young woman (MINX),

25 Stand over (BESTRIDE) greatest (BEST-) roller coaster (-RIDE) (BESTRIDE),

26 Peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) finds no trouble (-EASE) (UNEASE) with anxiety (UNEASE).


1 Sounds like happy old times editor (former Irish Times editor = RM Smyllie  = SMILEY) in south (S-) finds it’s a distance (-MILE-) to end of January (end of January = -Y) (SMILEY),

2 They hold hands (ARMS hold hands) provided artist (RA = AR-) returns with the manuscript (-MS) (ARMS),

3 Irishman (Pat = TAP) comes back to hose down (WATER) (TAP WATER) with liquid in kitchen (TAP WATER),

4 Turns up, river (Po = OP-) flows towards gangster (Al Capone = -AL-) (OPAL) with gemstone (OPAL),

5 Radioactive (RADIUM is radioactive element) liquor (R-UM) takes in a (-A-) detective (-DI-) (RADIUM),

6 Holy man (ST-) raised Lee (lee = -EEL) and groups (BANDS) (STEEL BANDS) with members playing drums in Trinidad (STEEL BANDS play steel drums, which originated in Trinidad and Tobago),

7 Father (REV-) ill (-ILL-) at ease (Es  = -E-E-) reportedly (REVEILLE) in army get-up (army ‘get up’ = morning bugle/drum call = REVEILLE),

13 Powerlessness (INCAPACITY) to back Ulster (NI = IN-) taking Common Agricultural Policy (Common Agricultural Policy = CAP) to a (-A-) municipal centre (-CITY) (INCAPACITY),

14 With bighead (head of big = b) this (itchy) sounds malicious (bitchy) (‘itchy’ with ‘b; = bitchy) (ITCHY) and irritating (ITCHY),

16 Depressed (LOW-) for Lawrence (TE Lawrence = -TE-) consumed by war (-WA-R) (LOW WATER) as will never float the boat (LOW WATER),

17 Register (LIST-) small measurement (-EN) to increase (UP) (LISTEN UP) attention (attention = LISTEN UP),

19 Nickel (NI-) account (-AC-) in (-IN) the end (NIACIN) is on the B complex list (B vitamin = NIACIN),

21 Mother (MO-M) admits sin (sin = -NIS-) returning (MONISM) doctrine for the one God (MONISM),

23 In the end, Russell (AE = -EA) returns to papers (identification papers = ID-) (IDEA) with proposal (proposal = IDEA),

24 Express alarm (Eek! = -EEK) after Frenchman (Monsieur = M-) (MEEK) is shy (shy = MEEK).