Crosaire No 14986 by Crossheir – Monday, January 14, 2013

Mon, Jan 14, 2013, 23:55



8 Confused revolutionary (Mao = AMO-) with English (-E-) graduate (-BA) (AMOEBA) in single cell (AMOEBA),

9 Don’t include (LEAVE OUT) the French (the = LE-) avenue (-AVE) with means of escape (OUT) (LEAVE OUT),

10 With direction (s) they could play against each other (sides) (IDES with ‘s’ = ‘sides’) one fateful day in Rome (IDES in the Roman calendar is around the middle of a month; Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March, a ‘fateful day’ – a reference to the fact that the day was, according to Plutarch, foreseen by a seer),

11 Didn’t do too much (TOOK IT EASY) to get hold of (TOOK) information technology (IT) that’s facile (EASY) (TOOK IT EASY),

12 The French (the = -LE) follow man (GENT-) (GENTLE) with considerate character (GENTLE),

14 Stand still! (STAGNATE) Party animal perhaps (party animal = STAG) is with Etna (Etna = -NATE) in a knot (STAGNATE),

15 First read (first “read” = first red = MARX-) reportedly to Victor (victor = winner = 1st  = -IST-) and old Russian leader (-LENIN-) with first (1st = -IST) (MARXIST-LENINIST) in philosophical doctrine (MARXIST-LENINIST),

18 Well-trained (OBEDIENT) duck (O-) on river bottom (river bed = -BED-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE-) biblical (New Testament = -NT) (OBEDIENT),

20 A French (a = UN-) whiskey (-W-) with the Spanish (the = -EL-) port (port side = left = -L) (UNWELL) is off colour (UNWELL),

22 Spirit of the place in ancient Rome (GENIUS LOCI) produced by mastermind (GENIUS) with engineered coil (coil = LOCI) (GENIUS LOCI),

24 It’s not easy (HARD) to express surprise (HA-) on street (-RD) (HARD),

25 Use this to see (EYE) after local prison warden (SCREW) (SCREW EYE) gets nail with loop (SCREW EYE is nail/screw with a loop top),

26 You (U-) fool (-NIT-), the editor (-ED) (UNITED) is in agreement (UNITED).


1 Mark (SMUDGE) square (S-) with wet dirt (-MUD-) for example (e.g. = -GE) in return (SMUDGE),

2 Takeaway (take away/minus = LESS) for the French (the = LE-) on ship (-SS) (LESS),

3 Inconsiderate (TACTLESS) model (model T car = T-) in play (-ACT- is in play) gets 2 down (2 down = less = -LESS) (TACTLESS),

4 In addition (in addition = ALSO), gangster (Al Capone = AL-) comes across county on west coast (Sligo is on west coast = -SO) (ALSO),

5 Association (Football Association = FA-) just in time (Just In Time = -JIT-) with a (-A) (FAJITA) Mexican dish (FAJITA),

6 At the present time (HERE AND NOW) in this location (HERE), article (AN-) confuses half of these clues (half of these clues are ‘Down’ = D NOW) (HERE AND NOW),

7 Beats (PULSATES) rhythms (PULS-ES) around ATM (ATM) without Frenchman (Monsieur = m) (‘atm’ without ‘m’ = -AT-) (PULSATES),

13 Shout for a lift (shout ‘Taxi’ = TAXI) to drive (DRIVE-) Romeo (-R) (TAXI DRIVER) with chauffeur (TAXI DRIVER),

14 Tail end (end of tail = -L-) hanging on skewer (skewer = SP-IT) (SPLIT) for division (SPLIT),

16 Background noise (AMBIENCE) of Mike (Mike = -M-I-C-), say, and Ben (-B-EN-) mixing in A&E (A-E) (AMBIENCE),

17 Sultan (sultan = NA-T-LUS) comes back over me (-I-) and you (-U-) (NAUTILUS) for Shell (NAUTILUS),

19 Alien (E-T-) swallows arsenic (-AS-) in hospital (-ER) (EASTER) after period of abstinence (EASTER is after a period of abstinence or Lent),

21 Laurence (LAR-) finds the German (the = -DER) (LARDER) food store (LARDER),

23 Exercise (-PE-) in returning party (party = do = O-D) (OP-ED) to commentary in paper (commentary page in newspaper = ‘Opposite Editorial’ page = OP-ED),

24 Goes on ahead (HAIR goes on a head) to fashion centre (centre of fashion = H-) for atmosphere (-AIR) (HAIR).