Crosaire No 14985 by Crossheir – Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sun, Jan 13, 2013, 23:55



1 Extent of 100 metre dash (dash/run DOWN TO THE WIRE) decided in very last minute (DOWN TO THE WIRE)

10 1+1+1+1 (ONES-) spirit (-ELF) (ONESELF) with me (ONESELF),

11 In a way, Turin on (Turin on = RUN INTO) strike (RUN INTO),

12 Drink alone (drink NEAT) in Trim (trim = NEAT),

13 At home (IN-), Germany (-DE-) cross (-X) (INDEX) with what’s in the back of the book (INDEX),

15 Reject (SHUN) silence (Sh! = SH-) for French article (a =  -UN) (SHUN),

17 German capital (capital of German = G-) at home (-IN) (GIN) provides partner with tonic (GIN is partner to tonic),

19 American city (NY-) politician (-MP-) expresses surprise (Ho! = -HO) (NYMPHO) for maniac who loves lots of men (NYMPHO),

21 Ireland (-IE) goes after British police force (Scotland Yard = YARD-) (YARDIE) for Jamaican gangster (YARDIE),

22 It’s a big mistake (OWN GOAL) to take control of (OWN) charity organisation (GOAL) (OWN GOAL),

23 Sounds like Hugh (Hugh = HU-E) admits he (he  = -MAN-) (HUMANE) is sympathetic (HUMANE),

25 Sounds like relative (MUM-) will shop (buy = -BAI) (MUMBAI) in Indian city (MUMBAI),

27 A follower (‘b’ follows ‘a’ = B-) at (-AT) (BAT) Lord’s Club (a ‘club’ at Lord’s cricket is a BAT)

29 Knocked off local (‘knocked off’ informal for FAKE) charlatan (FAKE),

30 Long Island (LI-) article (-THE) (LITHE) is not clumsy (LITHE is opposite of clumsy),

31 Coalition (BLOC) of barman (bar man = BL-) and officer in charge (officer in charge = officer commanding  = -OC) (BLOC),

34 French king (king = RO-I-) holds ship (-SS-) in (in = -NI) return (ROSSINI) for composer (ROSSINI),

35 Finishing off (USING UP) with you (U-) and Carol (-SING-) on the rise (UP) (USING UP),

36 Sounds like one side of crossword (DOWN RIGHT) can’t be trusted (LIAR) (DOWNRIGHT LIAR) with fabricator (DOWNRIGHT LIAR).


2 Delivery at Lord’s (OVERARM is a bowling style in cricket / Lord’s) given too much equipment (given too much equipment = to over arm = OVERARM),

3 Refusal (NO-) for the Spanish (the = -EL) (NOEL) at Christmas (NOEL),

4 Going out (OFF-) to make gin (gin = -ING) (OFFING) in more distant part of sea (OFFING),

5 Hospital (H-) returns artist (RA = -AR-) to shelter (-DEN) (HARDEN) to toughen up (HARDEN),

6 Don’t lose (WIN-) keen beginner (beginning of keen = -K) (WINK) with flutter (flutter = WINK),

7 Bred animals (RANCHED) in Aran (Aran) missing a (a) (‘aran’ missing ‘a’ = RAN-) revolutionary (-CHE-) and daughter (-D) (RANCHED),

8 Sounds as if Old MacDonald is depressed (DOWN ON THE FARM) where you raise crops (DOWN ON THE FARM),

9 It’s not up (DOWN-) to Persian fairies (-PERIS-) to manage (-COPE) (DOWN PERISCOPE) order in submarine (submarine order = “DOWN PERISCOPE”),

14 Director general (D-G-) rings in (-IN-) to bat (-BAT) (DINGBAT) with eccentric person (DINGBAT),

16 Beamed (SHONE) art out of North sea (‘north sea’ without ‘art’ = nohse = SHONE),

18 Worth (VALUE) the price (VALUE)?,

20 Be under an obligation to (OWE) Oxygen (O = OWE) we hear,

21 Potato (YAM) is unknown quantity (unknown quantity  = Y-) before noon (-AM) (YAM),

24 Manages (manages = MAKES DO) life and soul of party? (makes a party/do = MAKES DO),

26 In chaos, loan bog  (loan bog = BOLOGNA) to Italian city (BOLOGNA),

27 Bad start (start of bad = B-) for those ones (-I-I-) around family (-KIN-) (BIKINI) found on beach (BIKINI found on beach),

28 Even so (THOUGH), the old you (THOU-) returns mercury (HG = -GH) (THOUGH),

32 Family (KI-N) around novice (learner = -L-) (KILN) found in distillery (KILN),

33 Arranged it’ll (it’ll = TILL) be where payment is due (TILL).