Crosaire No 14984 by Crossheir – Friday, January 11, 2013

Fri, Jan 11, 2013, 23:55



1 Slow down (TAKE IT EASY) to get hold of (TAKE) it (IT) with a piece of cake (a piece of cake = EASY) (TAKE IT EASY),

6 The French (the = LA-) in charge (-IC) (LAIC) of man without collar (LAIC = layperson/non cleric),

10 It’s felt beneath the princess (PEA-) to go to rugby league (-RL) (PEARL) with precious stone (PEARL),

11 This will raise the spirits (VOODOOISM) provided five (V-) go around (-O-) and around (-O-) party (-DO-) circle (-O-) with belief (-ISM) (VOODOOISM),

12 They’re there to be knocked down (SKITTLES) for the laugh (SKIT-) with team leader (leader of team = -T-) and Lesley (Lesley = -LES) (SKITTLES),

13 Fellow (MAN-) gets green light (-GO) (MANGO) for fruit (MANGO),

15 Express surprise (Ha! = HA-) on road (-RD-) near to (-TO-) parking (-P) (HARDTOP) for kind of car (HARDTOP car),

17 Take a turn for the worse (RELAPSE) about (RE-) circuit (-LAP-) direction (southeast = -SE) (RELAPSE),

19 Small piece (SIDEARM) Sidney (SID-) has with listener (-EAR-) to Muslim leader (leader of Muslim = -M) (SIDEARM),

21 At home (-IN-) with rising artist (RA = -AR-) in weather station (M-ET) (MINARET) tower (tower = MINARET),

22 Aggressive movements (KICKS) in Boots (KICKS),

24 Posts (SENDS OUT) conclusion (-END-) in boat (S-S) with what’s common knowledge (OUT) (SENDS OUT),

27 Lad (BOY) and barman (bar man = SC-) out (-OUT-) on square (-S) (BOY SCOUTS) are always prepared (‘be prepared’ is BOY SCOUTS’ motto),

28 A brief account (INTRO) of nitro (nitro = INTRO) liquid,

29 Hit the ball (hit the ball = BAT-) towards hothead (head of hot = -H) (BATH) in washroom (BATH is in washroom),

30 Finish for good (DEATH) with Nell (Nell = KNELL) reportedly we hear in passing (we hear DEATH KNELL when someone passes/dies).


1 Upper layers (TOPS) gets farmer out of permafrost (‘farmer’ out of ‘permafrost’ = post = TOPS),

2 Exhausted locally (KNACKERED) with genius for (KNACK-) finding sweetheart (heart of sweet = -E-) with revolutionary (-RED) (KNACKERED),

3 It’s fashionable (IN-) to rent (-LET) (INLET) The Cove (the cove = INLET),

4 To cover letter (envelope) this (ENVELOP) requires note (music note e = e) (envelope) with shroud (shroud = ENVELOP),

5 Sister (Sr = S-R) admits making spoon (spoon = PONSO-) (SPONSOR) for patron (patron = SPONSOR),

7 It’s not true (It’s a lie = ALIE-) to name (-N) (ALIEN) Green Man (ALIEN),

8 Parts (COMPONENTS) with firm (CO-) politician (-MP-) from end of London (-ON-) sent (sent = -ENTS) astray (COMPONENTS),

9 Form a line (formaline) for the most part (FORMALIN) for preservative (FORMALIN),

14 Silence (Sh! = S-H) covers his (-HIS-) Kildare (KE-) B&B (-BAB) (SHISH KEBAB), for skewered dish (SHISH KEBAB),

16 Political essay (TR-ACT) hiding answer (-ANS-) (TRANSACT) to carry on business (TRANSACT),

18 Could be our petite (our petite = PIROUETTE) spin (PIROUETTE),

20 Stubborn person (M-ULE) admits is (-IS-) right (-R-) (MISRULE) to govern badly (MISRULE),

21 It’s an attitude (MINDSET) to look after (MIND-) collection (-SET) (MINDSET),

23 Shed tears (CRY-) for old communications company (Posts and Telegraphs = -PT) (CRYPT) in dead end (dead end = CRYPT),

25 Not well (S-ICK) around square (T-square = -T-) (STICK) club (club = STICK),

26 It’s a cheek (JOWL) for Jack (J-) to be with astute bird (-OWL) (JOWL).