Crosaire No 14983 by Crossheir – Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thu, Jan 10, 2013, 23:55



1 French writer (PROUST) spills port (port = PRO-T) over you and me (-US-) (PROUST),

4 Public shame of (IGNOMINY) soldier (GI = IG-) returning number (No. = -NO-) with minimum (-MIN-) on Fourth of July (Fourth letter of July = -Y) (IGNOMINY),

9 Sounds like you’d do this for the driver (SET TEE for driver on golf course) from Davenport (davenport = SETTEE),

10 Residence (residence = HOME) to give assistance to (HELP) (HOME HELP) social worker (HOME HELP),

12 Watch (watch = TIMEPIECE) it (it = TI-) come back to me (-ME-) a little bit (-PIECE) (TIMEPIECE),

13 Pundit (SWAMI = pundit) did it in the water (SWAM-) getting to isle (-I) (SWAMI),

14 In a way, rival (rival = VARI-L-) admits firm (-CO-) goes to our (-OUR-) editor (-ED) (VARICOLOURED) with description of rainbow (VARICOLOURED),

18 Sucker (LOLLIPOP) with noblewoman (LADY) stops traffic (LOLLIPOP LADY),

21 A (A-) need (-LACK) (ALACK) to regret to say this (expression of regret = ALACK),

22 Well-known (NOTORIOUS) number (NO-) on Hill (-TOR-) gets outstanding amounts (outstanding amounts = IOUs = -IOUS) (NOTORIOUS),

24 It’s crystal clear (PELLUCID) gym (PE-) novices (learners = -LL-) come across you (-U-) in Garda barracks (Criminal Investigation Department = -CID) (PELLUCID),

25 Piping (TUBING) for barrel (TUB) in (IN) Galway (G) (TUBING),

26 Goes off (SPOILAGE) speculation (Starting Price = SP-) on fuel (OIL), silver (AG) and energy (E) (SPOILAGE),

27 Discover (DETECT) I’ve (I’ve = ive) been behind this (detect) for the policeman (detective = DETECT).


1 It’s not negative (POSITIVE) to put forward (POSIT -) four (-IV-) at end of June (end of June = -E) (POSITIVE),

2 Steal a march on (OUTSMART) what is not in (OUT-) and what is elegant (-SMART) (OUTSMART),

3 They go blindly perhaps (SHEEP) to her (SHE-) on the record (extended-play record  = -EP) (SHEEP),

5 On hand (GLOVE is on hand), they hold power for others (PUPPETS hold power for others) (GLOVE PUPPETS) with Bosco’s friends (BOSCO’s friends = GLOVE PUPPETS),

6 Finished (OVER-) with siesta (-SLEEP) (OVERSLEEP)? Epimenides did it for a lot longer (OVERSLEEP),

7 With direction (direction north = n) this (icecap) would look good on head (nice cap = ICE CAP) in polar region (ICE CAP),

8 Turns up, lentil (Puy lentil = Puy = YUP-) tart (-PIE) (YUPPIE) produced by well-paid middle-class professional (YUPPIE),

11 It’s for this eventuality we must all tighten our belts (BELLY LANDING) with spare tyre (BELLY) upstairs? (LANDING is upstairs) (BELLY LANDING),

15 Animal slaughter (C-ULL) hides pawn (pawn = -HOCK-) and figurehead (head of figure = -F-) (CHOCK-FULL) as packed to capacity (CHOCK-FULL),

16 Post Office (-PO-) goes after Virginia (VA-) on housing estate road (road = rise) (VAPORISE) for gas annihilation (VAPORISE),

17 It makes sense (sense = EYESIGHT) I (EYE-) moan (-SIGH-) to Turkish leader  (leader of Turkey = -T) (EYESIGHT),

19 Pamela’s (Pam’s = PAM-S) all over father (-PA-) (PAMPAS) in grassy plains (PAMPAS),

20 Call dogs to hunt (HALLOO!) around (-O-) circle (-O) after Henry (HAL-) and novice (learner = -L-) (HALLOO),

23 Rogue (rogue = ROUGE) confused by make-up (make-up = ROUGE).