Crosaire No 14982 by Crossheir – Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wed, Jan 9, 2013, 23:55



1 They go around the middle (GIRTHS) to swap rights (rights = GIRTHS),

4 Pub measure (OP-TIC) admits time (-ERA-) (OPERATIC) to be overly dramatic (OPERATIC),

9 At last, old foreign political leader (Evita = -ATIVE) comes back to nationalist (N-) (NATIVE) in local (local = NATIVE),

10 Permitted (ELIGIBLE) the Spanish (the = EL-) and the French (the = -LE) to surround one (-I-) big (big = -GIB-) retreat (ELIGIBLE),

12 It’s a friendly American welcome (handshake = HANDCLASP in US) to hand (HAND-) most of class (most of ‘class’ = CLAS-) to Penny (-P) (HANDCLASP),

13 Sounds like wet cloth hitting floor (SPLAT) with petty quarrel (spat = SP-AT) over letterhead (head of letter = -L-) (SPLAT),

14 Is this the stress one gets sitting in the British House of Lords (PEER PRESSURE) caused by equals? (PEER PRESSURE is caused by equals),

18 Administrative machine (a machine that records = DICTATOR-) goes overseas (goes over seas = -SHIP) (DICTATORSHIP) to society with tyrant (DICTATORSHIP),

21 Reddish brown (HENNA) girl (Anne = -ENNA) turns up at last at hotel (H-) (HENNA),

22 Flight to Mayo returns (KNOCK BACK) with order to drink up quickly (KNOCK BACK),

24 Is this where the bank puts the old money (old money in bin = bread in bin = BREAD BIN) in the kitchen? (BREAD BIN),

25 Is this where the United Nations (United Nations = UN-) protects money (-SAFE) (UNSAFE)? It doesn’t sound secure (UNSAFE),

26 Sad (SA-D) to admit Arkansas (-AR-) is caught up in lie (-L-IE-) (SALARIED) to receive money for the job (SALARIED),

27 To empty it (“to empty it” = “to m t it” = TOMTIT), say it’s one of the birds (TOMTIT),


1 Creates big bang (GUN-) and is all the rage (-HIP-) in ship (-S-S) (GUNSHIPS) with armed helicopters (GUNSHIPS),

2 Break down trees (trees = RET-ES) around at home (-IN-) for you (-U-) (RETINUES) with aides (aides = RETINUES),

3 Berlin leaves olive branch (‘olive branch’ without ‘Berlin’ = ovach = HAVOC) in mayhem (HAVOC),

5 Posts and Telegraphs was once concerned perhaps with this (POLE POSITION) first place on grid (POLE POSITION is first place on the motor racing grid),

6 Sir Garret (Sir Garret = REGISTRAR) concealed responsibility for official statistics (REGISTRAR),

7 University (University of Limerick = -UL-) goes down the tube (TUB-E) (TUBULE) for anatomical canal (TUBULE),

8 Establish (CREATE) African leader (leader of Africa = -A-) in Mediterranean island (CRE-TE) (CREATE),

11 Sounds like something that cuts the taste of wine (“palate” knife = PALETTE KNIFE) is for mixing ingredients (PALETTE KNIFE is for mixing),

15 Play around (PHILANDER) with Philip (PHIL-) and (-AND-) the German (the = der) missing director (d) (‘der’ missing ‘d’ = ER) (PHILANDER),

16 Unsophisticated person (P-EASANT) admits hothead (head of hot = -H-) (PHEASANT) is game (game = PHEASANT),

17 Capital street art (‘the Spike’ on O’Connell Street = SPIK-E) covers one (-I-) holy man (-ST-) (SPIKIEST) to make the biggest point (SPIKIEST),

19 Not quite the best (not quiet ‘the best’ = the bes = THEBES) on the Nile (THEBES),

20 Sick (UNWELL) of French one (one = UN-) finding you and I (you and I = -WE-) in front of the lions (“lions” = lines = -LL) reportedly (UNWELL),

23 Provides training in Swords (Japanese fencing with bamboo swords = KENDO) for Kildare (KE-) Nationalist (-N-) Party (-DO) (KENDO).