Crosaire No 14980 by Crossheir – Monday, January 7, 2013

Mon, Jan 7, 2013, 23:55



8 Not left (RIGHT-) with nothing (-O) (RIGHTO)? Okay (RIGHTO),

9 Runs into the ground (OVERUSES) sequence in cricket (OVER-) for particular purposes (-USES) (OVERUSES),

10 Post Office (PO-) gets green light (green light = -GO) (POGO) to bounce on post (to bounce on post/stick = POGO stick),

11 Honest! (AVOVE BOARD) Sailor (able-bodied seaman = AB-) missing river (r) to go too far (overboard) (‘overboard’ missing ‘r’ = -OVE BOARD) (ABOVE BOARD),

12 Clean house (clean house = VACUUM) for The Gap (gap = VACCUM),

14 Up north (NI = IN-), father (-FR-) finds a (-A-) revolutionary (-RED) (INFRARED) colour you don’t normally see (INFRARED),

15 Celebrity (STAR-) on beach (sand = -S AND) with bands (STRIPES) (STARS AND STRIPES) often seen flying high in America (STARS AND STRIPES),

18 Newspaper (PRESS) fight (BOX) (PRESS BOX) for journalistic space (PRESS BOX),

20 Put an end to (KIBOSH) Kelvin (K-) going to Italy (-I-) with a load of rubbish (-BOSH) (KIBOSH),

22 Fingers perhaps (fingers = FOUR-IN-HAND) tied around neck? (style of necktie = FOUR-IN-HAND),

24 New York City (NYC = -YNC) in a whirl after dollar ($= S-) (SYNC) provides short form of perfect harmony (short form of ‘synchronise’ = SYNC),

25 First letter (A-) to organise editors (editors = -STEROID) (ASTEROID) working around The Sun (ASTEROID orbits the sun),

26 Lay (lay = -AYL-) awkwardly in passage (W-AY) (WAYLAY) for ambush (ambush = WAYLAY).


1 Lost solider (lost soldier = missing in action = MI-A) grasps money orders (money orders = MOs = -MOS-) (MIMOSA) for champagne cocktail (MIMOSA),

2 Drive away (SHOO) worm from showroom (‘showroom’ missing ‘worm’ = shoo = SHOO),

3 New tax (tax = T-XA-) hides nothing (-O-) for Aime (Aime = -EMIA) coming back (TOXAEMIA) with blood poisoning (TOXAEMIA),

4 Don’t say yes (NO-) to progress (-GO) (NO-GO) in forbidden area (NO-GO area),

5 Relating to this (HEREOF) present (HERE-) at backward foreign office (FO = -OF) (HEREOF),

6 Place one finds oneself after pulling leg perhaps (OUT ON A LIMB) in compromising position (OUT ON A LIMB),

7 Bring back (RETRIEVE) Romeo (R-) with first lady (-E-VE) embracing dubious rite (rite = -TRIE-) (RETRIEVE),

13 Peacekeeper (United Nations = UN-) about (-RE-) to be fed (-SERVED) (UNRESERVED) in unoccupied area (UNRESERVED),

14 Independent (IND-) former girlfriend (-EX) (INDEX) in book section (INDEX),

16 Ripped across (tore = TOR-E) to (-TO-) return silicon (SI = -IS-) (TORTOISE) to slow mover (TORTOISE),

17 US police arrest criminal (TAKEDOWN) up north (County Down = -DOWN) after removal (TAKE-) (TAKEDOWN),

19 It’s right (BANG ON) to bar (BAN-) head of Government (head of Government = -G) getting no (no = ON) return (BANG ON),

21 Voice (S-AY) over one in France (one = -UN-) directed (-D-) (SUNDAY) at start of week (SUNDAY),

23 Said (said = AIDS) differently with supports (supports = AIDS),

24 Cross (-X) behind pig house (STY-) (STYX) leads to spirit world (river STYX leads to spirit world).