Crosaire No 14979 by Crossheir – Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sun, Jan 6, 2013, 23:59



1 Little (SMALL) records (‘records’ = potato variety = POTATOES) (SMALL POTATOES) doesn’t amount to much (something insignificant or doesn’t amount to much = SMALL POTATOES),

10 Revolutionary leader (Mao = MA-O) conceals most of Sofia (most of ‘Sofia’ and ‘sofi’ = -FIOS-) conversion (MAFIOSO) from Italian criminal (MAFIOSO),

11 Recover (RECLAIM) record (REC-) form of mail (mail = -LAIM) (RECLAIM),

12 Pumas leave marsupial (‘marsupial’ without ‘pumas’ = rial = LAIR) in cave (LAIR),

13 In the end, Wexford area (southeast = SE = -ES) knight (sir = RIS-) returns (RISES) increases (RISES),

15 Female (GIRL) legend (end of leg = G-) with Irish sticker (-IRL) (GIRL),

17 Playful type (ACT) in current (alternating current = AC-) temperature (-T) (ACT),

19 At home (IN-) without one (i) in Spain (‘Spain’ without ‘i’ = -SPAN) (INSPAN) to harness horse cart (INSPAN),

21 Bird (WREN-) goes to Alpine country (Switzerland = -CH) (WRENCH) for painful parting (WRENCH),

22 It’s no (NO-) one-footed journey (-HOP-) to hospital ward (-ER) (NO-HOPER) for Jonah perhaps (NO-HOPER),

23 Had a look at (VIEWED) opinion (VIEW-) with editor (-ED) (VIEWED),

25 Container (BARREL) ban (BAR-) regarding (-RE-) port (port side = left = -L) (BARREL),

27 Turns up (up = PU-) against skinhead (head of skin = -S) (PUS) with infected tissue (PUS),

29 Not quite sure (not quite ‘sure’ = SUR-) loud music (-F) (SURF) gets to go from site to site (SURF web sites),

30 Give it a little more (TOP UP) to (TO-) find arrogant lad (pup = -P UP) (TOP UP),

31 Roll of notes (WAD-) one (-I) (WADI) finds in river valley in Arabia (WADI),

34 Is this what farmer says to produce at end of season (OUT CROP) in rock formation? (OUTCROP),

35 What losing means (DIETING) is the last thing you do (DIE-) with ringing sound (-TING) (DIETING),

36 Thumbelina (SMALL TOWN GIRL) produced by young woman from middle of nowhere (SMALL TOWN GIRL).


2 Greek letter (MU-) to party (Fianna Fáil = -FF-) in (-IN-) Sweden (-S) (MUFFINS) arrives with afternoon tea perhaps (MUFFINS),

3 Old baths (old baths = swimming pool = LOOP) return snake (snake = LOOP),

4 Fear (PHOBIA) made hop (hop = PHO-) to find Irish food (food = -BIA) (PHOBIA),

5 Teetotaller (T-T) rings old city (-UR-) about (-RE-) (TURRET) part of castle (TURRET),

6 Turns up at (at = TA-) firm (-CO) (TACO) with dishy type from Mexico (TACO),

7 The Spanish (the = EL-) get at (-AT-) tiny particle (-ION) (ELATION) with delight (ELATION),

8 Man behind Snow White and Seven Dwarfs perhaps (SMALL INVESTOR) has very little money (SMALL INVESTOR),

9 Made sing  (sing = -INGS) behind tiny (SMALL-) old fortress (-HOLD-) (SMALLHOLDINGS) in little farms (SMALLHOLDINGS),

14 Awake (UP) after journalist’s dream (SCOOP) (SCOOP UP) to lift it fast (SCOOP UP),

16 Single sheet of glass (PANE-) length (-L) (PANEL) is talking point (PANEL is a talking point),

18 Argon (Argon noble gas = AR-) flicker (-RAY) (ARRAY) display (ARRAY),

20 10 across returns (10 across = Mafioso = Don = NOD) with Bob (bob = NOD),

21 Arsenal left answerable (‘Arsenal’ left ‘answerable’ = wbe = WEB) on the Internet (WEB),

24 Made a mistake publishing (ERRATUM) maturer (maturer = ERRATUM) rendition,

26 More inclined (READIER) to tell story (READ-) to one (-I-) in hospital (-ER) (READIER),

27 Sweet child (POPPET) provides music (POP music) for dog (-PET) (POPPET),

28 Sounds like it’s going to get brighter (“sun due” = SUNDEW) for swamp plant (SUNDEW),

32 Talk during examination (ORAL) or (OR-) to gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (ORAL),

33 Dodgy Reginald (Reg = -ERG) behind supporting film (B film = B) (BERG) makes bits of Titanic (iceberg = BERG).