Crosaire No 14978 by Crossheir – Friday, January 4, 2013

Fri, Jan 4, 2013, 23:59



1 The Spanish (the = EL-) up north (-NI-) come across no (-NO) (EL NINO) description for Pacific phenomenon (EL NINO),

4 Ground breaking instrument (-PICK-) found in frozen waters (ices = ICE -S) (ICE PICKS) useful to barman (ICE PICKS are part of a barman’s or cocktail-maker’s kit),

9 Short distance (inch = IN-) to splinter group (-SECT) (INSECT) from cricket (INSECT),

10 Witness (ONLOOKER) one (ON-E-) covering this year’s fashion (this year’s look = -LOOK-) for Russian leader (leader of Russian = -R) (ONLOOKER),

12 Funny looking nude (nude = ENDU-) ran (-RAN-) to Clare (-CE) (ENDURANCE) with such perseverance (ENDURANCE),

13 Girl (-ANN-) in American city (N-Y) (NANNY) looks after children (NANNY),

14 Members of Government administration (CIVIL SERVICE) got married in registry office (CIVIL SERVICE),

18 Cover (CARPET-) to sack (sack = -BAG-) Gerard (-GER) (CARPETBAGGER) as he’s politically incorrect perhaps (CARPETBAGGER),

21 I’m (IM-) at a time of one’s life (-AGE) (IMAGE) in reflection (IMAGE),

22 Doesn’t come natural (INORGANIC) to Ulster (NI = IN-) returning mouthpiece (-ORGAN-) in charge (-IC) (INORGANIC),

24 Ecclesiastical symbol (CRUCIFIX) for X (X = cross = CRUCIFIX),

25 That is the case (SO-), mail (mail = -MALI) redirected (SOMALI) for person in Africa (SOMALI),

26 Financial institution provides this (financial institution provides this = MORTGAGE) household? (hold on house = MORTGAGE),

27 Does this mean to rub salt into it (rub salt into it = SEASON) in spring? (SEASON).


1 Turns up, yours truly (me = EM-) picking up nine (nine = -INEN-) possibly going to church (Church of England = -CE) (EMINENCE) with important person (EMINENCE),

2 Inquire about local (‘inquire about’ something locally/informally is to ‘nose about’ = -NOSE-) bar with bad reputation (-DIVE) (NOSE-DIVE) in decline (NOSE-DIVE),

3 Mediterranean city (NICE-) has right (-R) (NICER) to be more pleasant (NICER),

5 Change conversation (conversation = CONSERVATION) from ecology (CONSERVATION),

6 Raises from the ashes (phoenix) without crossing (x) (‘phoenix’ without ‘x’ = PHOENI-) intelligence agency (-CIA) (PHOENICIA) in old country (PHOENICIA),

7 Accountant (Chartered Accountant = CA-) king (-KING) (CAKING) earning a crust? (to cover in a thick crust = CAKING),

8 Wanders away from wife (STRAYS) with dogs on street (STRAYS),

11 Resourceful type (ENTERPRISING) go in (ENTER-) to rip (rip = -PRI-) apart Carol (-SING) (ENTERPRISING),

15 The type of agent (LEAVENING agent) involved in The Rising (LEAVENING agent involved in rising dough),

16 Dana sung (Dana sung = UGANDANS) by arrangement for the people from Africa (UGANDANS),

17 Turkish leader (leader of Turkey = T-) takes river (-R-) manoeuvre (-ACTION) (TRACTION) to get an improved grip (TRACTION),

19 Information technology (-IT-) firm (-CO-) involved in sadomasochism (S-M) (SITCOM) produced by television comedy (SITCOM),

20 German says yes (yes = JA-) to officer (guard) missing Germany (d) (‘guard’ missing ‘d’ = -GUAR) (JAGUAR) in flashy car (JAGUAR),

23 Greek leader (leader of Greek = G-) gets cable (cable = -ROPE) (GROPE) to search with uncertainty (GROPE).