Crosaire No 14977 by Crossheir – Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thu, Jan 3, 2013, 23:59



1 Samuel (Sam = SA-M) embraces Diana’s (Di’s = -DIS-) (SADISM) humiliating cruelty (SADISM),

4 Is (IS-) a (-A-) beautiful word in Italy (-BELLA) (ISABELLA) for old Spanish queen (ISABELLA),

9 Pay attention to (LISTEN) Long Island  (LI-) returning nets (nets = -STEN) (LISTEN),

10 A (A) scrap (BIT) to a great extent (MUCH) (A BIT MUCH) is unreasonable (A BIT MUCH),

12 Len’s focus (lens focus = TELEPHOTO) gives Lawrence (TE Lawrence = TE-) the French (the = -LE-) picture (-PHOTO) (TELEPHOTO),

13 Be exceptionally good (EXCEL) with computer spreadsheet (EXCEL),

14 It’s on the house (CHIMNEY STACK) for heavy smoker in cold weather? (CHIMNEY STACK),

18 Novelist (WRIT-ER) admits making gin (gin  = -ING) with trivia (trivia = PAP-) (WRITING PAPER) found in stationery section (WRITING PAPER),

21 Russell (A.E. = A-E) hides offer (-BID-) (ABIDE) for a song with me (ABIDE With Me ….),

22 He’s expected to fight (CONSCRIPT is expected to fight) local criminal (CON-) for text  (text = -SCRIPT) (CONSCRIPT),

24 Put great emphasis on (EMPHATIC) concealing mice (mice = EM-IC) around broken path (path = -PHAT-) (EMPHATIC),

25 Jupiter’s wife (Juno = JUN-O-) hides one (-I-) reading (-R) (JUNIOR) for little boy with same name as father perhaps (JUNIOR),

26 Fights (a paratrooper fights = PARA-) to breakup (breakup = -DIG-) motorway (-M) (PARADIGM) template (template = PARADIGM),

27 Doesn’t have any hens (no ‘hens’ at a stag party = STAG DO) in street (ST-) for agricultural (-AG) party (DO) (STAG DO).


1 On this day, the long and the short of it (SOLSTICE = both the longest and shortest day) is, Spanish sun (SOL-) hits road (-ST-) with frost (-ICE) (SOLSTICE),

2 Refuse to acknowledge (DISCLAIM) Sidney (Sid = DIS-) coming back with mollusc (-CLA-M) catching current (electric current = -I-) (DISCLAIM),

3 Sharp rise (sharp rise = STEEP) in Pete’s (Pete’s = STEEP) temper,

5 Man on bench (SUB-) goes to Europe (-CONTINENT) (SUBCONTINENT) from India (SUBCONTINENT) perhaps,

6 Bright yellow flowers (BUTTERCUP) spread (BUTTER-) on winner’s trophy (-CUP) (BUTTERCUP),

7 First letter (-A-) arrives during midday meal (L-UNCH) (LAUNCH) in motorboat (LAUNCH),

8 White slave loses vest (‘white slave’ without ‘vest’ = whiela = AWHILE) for a short time (AWHILE),

11 Society (BODY) holding onto goods (STOCKING) (BODY STOCKING) keeps figure under cover (BODY STOCKING),

15 Sister (NURSE-) catches mother (-MA-) with identification (-ID) (NURSEMAID) for one looking after children (NURSEMAID),

16 Dangerous element (Plutonium = PU = UP-) turns up Irish king (king = -RI-) with Carol (-SING) (UPRISING) in rebellion (UPRISING),

17 Love (O-) to catch informer (-RAT-) around (-O-) Brazilian city (-RIO) (ORATORIO) with song for orchestra and choir (ORATORIO),

19 Both sides say sorry (MAKE-UP) for character (character = MAKE-UP),

20 Songbird (songbird =DIPPER) for German article (German article = die = DI-E) gets around father (-PP-) with resistance (-R) (DIPPER),

23 Use your fingers (COUNT) Earl! (Earl = COUNT).